Arjun Kapoor: I am not affected by my link-up with Alia Bhatt!

When we cornered Arjun Kapoor at Yash Raj Studios, the Gunday actor talked about his equation with Alia Bhatt. Read on to know if the two stars are dating each other or is it just the media created frenzy revolving around him and the Highway babe

Never had we seen Arjun Kapoor more relaxed and comfortable about being himself than when we met him recently at Mumbai’s Yash Raj Studios. The 28-year-old actor not only looked his fittest, but he also charmed us with his warm personality. In the course of our chat with him we probed Arjun on his alleged link-up with Mahesh Bhatt’s beti Alia Bhatt.

On facing this curious query, Arjun maintained that all these stories don’t bother him at all. “I was prepared for all these rumours when I entered the industry or even before that. It’s a small price you have got to play to work in this space. And, frankly speaking, I am okay with it as long as the media doesn’t get vindictive about me or what I do. As long as you don’t hit below the belt I am okay with it. If you don’t like me as an actor that’s fine, but just because you don’t like me as an actor you can’t get too personal and give me a bad press,” said Arjun.

But we believe there can’t be smoke without fire. After all how did his link up with the spunky babe of Student Of The Year emerge in the first place we wondered. And didn’t Arjun feel the need to clear the air with the media if nothing was brewing between him and Alia, with whom he will be seen in 2 States?

“Why should I justify all that? See I can give you a very practical example. Me and she (Alia)have done a film together ( 2 States). Even if we are not romantically inclined towards each other, as opposed to the picture that is portrayed by the media, we still bond well and share a friendly equation. It so happened that we were reaching a party. So I just called her up asking what time would she reach there and I thought that we could go together. Just the way you would ask your friends when they are meeting you if they are going to attend the same party. So ended up reaching at the same time and press was there. Lekin media said nahi nahi saath mein doh photo, since you two are appearing together for the first time, please stand together. So we stood together for a photo-op and then this whole story of me and Alia dating each other was created out of nowhere!,” clarified Arjun.