Arjun Kapoor is nervous about talking to girls

Arjun Kapoor may have been obese at some point in his life, but today he is the new face with the tag ‘hot’. But the young actor claims that he is still fat in his head and is anxious about talking to girls

He’s smart, sexy and the current flavour of the month. With Ishaqzaade on the brink of release, Arjun Kapoor’s name and face are plastered all over papers, channels and websites. The newbie turns a shade of pink with embarrassment as girls swoon all over him. “I thank all my female fans for their kind words, but it is too embarrassing for me because all my life I have never had female friends,” said Arjun in an interview to a daily. Now that’s new! The actor claims that he is very different from his onscreen persona. In Ishaqaade, Arjun is showcased as a confident, bold and fearless lad, but in real life he is rather shy and reserved and finds it difficult to talk to girls. “I get nervous while talking to any girl, so it’s all very new for me.”

Somehow we find that a li’l difficult to believe. ‘Coz only a while back, Arjun was dating Salman Khan’s baby sister Arpita. However, following the latest goss, the relationship did not last very long. Wethinks the newbie is just being too modest, no? The actor also claims in the interview that he panics whenever he gains even a little weight. “In my head, I am a fat person and I still panic when I put on some weight.” Arjun’s journey from fat to fab is definitely admirable. And his new look is probably the reason why he is subjected to all the female adulation. Our advice; enjoy while it lasts, dude, ‘coz fame and beauty is short-lived!


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