Arjun Kapoor sends prayers for Gaza victims

Sat, July 12, 2014 2:36pm IST by
Arjun Kapoor sends prayers for Gaza victims

The death toll in Israeli-Gaza conflict has gone over 120

The violence between Israel and Palestine has been going on for five days. On Saturday the airstrikes on Gaza claimed about 120 lives and have left over 920 wounded.

India has expressed it’s concern over the escalation of violence and requested both the countries to sit and discuss their differences. Bollywood celebs have been extending their condolences and prayers for all the injured and dead victims and the families who are stuck in the crossfire.

The Finding Fanny actor, Arjun Kapoor too to Twitter, “Bombing for peace what bullshit!!! #PrayForGaza.”

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  • Amak4u

    Never heard Arjun say anything about Hindus being butchered in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Does he owe a favour to bhai?

    • AnkitaBiswas86

      Shame on u to judge an act of prayer! Its not about religion, its about humanity!!

      • Amak4u

        So why is it missing when Hindus are in peril? Shouldn’t charity begin at home?

        • sameer

          U don’t belong to India…u stupid. Indians are known to be humane n virtuous…u shud start begging for charity to make sure u get little bit of humanity…worst mindset…ask ur parents to teach u some civic sense…or maybe its ur family culture. Idiot.

          • shah

            Your right its not aboutabout skin colour or religion its about humanity, you don’t have be a in a particular religion to help some one . You have to be a human! To help another human!!