Arjun Kapoor’s roaring manhood!

But not without hot and sexy Gauhar Khan making an official announcement

Celebrating your brand-new manliness is fine. But announcing it with raunchy moves is Arjun Kapoor’s ishtyle in Ishaqzaade! Read on and share the dude’s ecstasy of stepping into the man’s world

Hua chhokra jawaan re

The boy has become a young man

Hua chokra jawaan re

The boy has become a young man

Hey hey, hey hey, hey hey

Hey hey, hey hey, hey hey

Arrey chooza choon-choon karta hai, galiyon aur chaubaro mein

A chicken keeps squawking in streets and yards,

Phenka phaanki karta phire tu toh apne yaaro mein

And you keep roaming around boasting among your friends

Phenka phaanki kuch nahin sach baat jo bayan ki

Boasting is nothing in front of the truth that’s told

Dhahaad hai jawaan ki mardangi mastane ki

It’s a lover boy’s roar of manhood

Oye, ab tu bhi maan le, naino ke jaam de

Oye, now you also accept it, give alcoholic pegs of eyes

Oh aaja re aaja ja re aaja re aaja

Oh come no, come no, come no come


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