Arjun Rampal: Models can act

The RA.One actor says it’s silly to say that models can’t act

Arjun Rampal is slowly but surely proving his naysayers wrong by working on his acting skills and doing films like Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti. Initially, he was panned by critics for his limited expressions and was called a wooden actor. He has been hugely criticised for bagging the National Award for his performance in Rock On, but now he seems to have come into his own as an actor and is keen on taking up some challenging roles. In a recent interview, Arjun reacted quite strongly to people’s belief that models can’t act. “These are silly things people keep talking about. You can’t make statements like that because everyone here is talented and doing good work. I went through that phase and when my films didn’t do well, they emphasised more on it. But the minute you get successful, it all changes.” While we are happy for the way this dishy super villain’s career is shaping up, we think this is the right time for him to grow as an actor, otherwise there’s a great chance of getting stuck with the bad guy image. Don’t you think so?