Arjun Rampal rubbishes reports about shifting loyalties from Shahrukh Khan to Salman Khan

Arjun has been in the news recently for his changing equation with the two Khans, and the actor is furious about these speculations

Arjun Rampal, who is currently busy promoting his film Inkaar, is fed up with speculations surrounding his relationship with Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. A couple of weeks ago, a tabloid had reported that SRK and Arjun were no longer the close friends that they used to be, and that Arjun had chosen to stay away from SRK’s annual New Year bash in Dubai.

A few days ago, the same tabloid also reported that Arjun was trying to be friends with Salman Khan and Sallu was more than happy to welcome him into his camp. Calling these speculations baseless, Arjun tweeted, “Read a ridiculous article in Mumbai Mirror. Absolute hog wash bullshit, advice to MM go play ur games elsewhere. Donk journalism at its best.”

Even though Arjun hasn’t denied the reports related to his friendship with SRK, he is miffed with claims that he is trying to enter Salman’s camp. Guess what has really pissed Arjun off is the fact that despite trying to stay away from the whole camp system, he has been dragged into it. Perhaps, he should take a few tips from Karan Johar, who has also been accused of making the same strategic move, but has still chosen to remain calm. After all, everything’s fair in love and war! Right, Arjun?