Posted Fri, October 14, 2011 2:18pm IST

Now we know why King Khan has been fussing over releasing the look of the RA.One bad man

The wait is finally over! The look of the anti-hero in Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious superhero flick is officially out. We know that it’s very important for a superhero film to have a super villain who looks tough to conquer. So we have been wondering who G.One will actually fight! Then SRK went on to create tremendous hype over the villain’s look by hiding it till just a week before the film’s release. So our expectations were bound to be sky-high. But after getting the first glimpse of Arjun Rampal’s deadly avatar, we must admit that he seems to be the perfect choice for the role of RA.One! In the new trailer of the film, Arjun is spotted in not one, but three different looks. The bald Ghajini kinda look with some tattoos on the head and neck, plus a barcode thrown in, caught our attention the most. Then his character covers up his bald plate with the black hood as he walks in front of a burning effigy of the mythological Raavan in the second one. The third look seems to be the video game avatar which looks as good as the ones designed in Hollywood superhero flicks like Spiderman et al. It is the deadliest one too! Shahrukh has gone on record to say that for a change, people will not want the bad guy to die. Now we know why he said that! Rampal looks cool and menacing at the same time and now we are looking forward to the movie even more!