Armaan Jain: I’d love to play a joker like my ‘nana’

Armaan Jain: I’d love to play a joker like my ‘nana’

Armaan, who is making his big Bollywood debut soon talks about his grandfather and Bollywood legend Raj Kapoor

The new kid on the block Armaan Jain “loves” his grandfather’s body of work and says that one day he would love to play a joker on the big screen the way legendary Raj Kapoor did in Mera Naam Joker.

“I love my nana’s (Raj Kapoor) work. My nana was outstanding. I was a child when I saw Mera Naam Joker, and I thought my nana is really a joker. Then I realised it was just a film. I would also love to become a Joker like my nana someday,” said Armaan, who is Raj Kapoor’s daughter Rima’s son.

Armaan‘s cousins – Karisma, Kareena and Ranbir are active in filmdom, but he says when they meet they never talk about movies.

“People feel that we are a filmy family and we only discuss films at home but that’s not true at all. We talk about every other thing other than films,” said Armaan who is making his Bollywood debut with Lekar Hum Deewana Dil.

“We never talk about films or our work at home. Many a times we don’t get time to watch each other’s films, so we don’t think about it at all. So there are no filmy talks when we cousins meet. We spend quality time with each other whenever we meet,” he added.

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