Arunoday Singh’s accent issues!

Arunoday Singh shares with us the strategy he has adopted to get rid of his strong American accent

We managed to get newbie actor Arunoday Singh out of his comfort zone one day. He was all curled up with a book in one corner of the set and engrossed in reading. But when he put the book aside and got geared up for a conversation, the first thing we noticed — apart from his general dishy good looks — was his accent: a strong American flavour that could not possibly be hidden. “People think I can’t speak Hindi at all; some people also think that I’ve put on this accent for the heck of it. But the reason for it is that I’ve been abroad for quite a long time. People even hesitate giving me work at times, which makes it a little difficult,” he says, rueful about the progress of his career, in spite of films like Aisha, Sikandar and Yeh Saali Zindagi on his resume. We asked him what he was doing to get rid of the twang and he laughed, “I’ve started with the swear words first; even linguists say that’s the best way to improve one’s accent!”