Aseem Merchant acts against ex-lover Priyanka Chopra’s legal notice

Aseem Merchant acts against ex-lover Priyanka Chopra’s legal notice

Looks like PC couldn’t stop Aseem after all. Reports suggest that the producer is set to make the biopic on her former manager Prakash Jaju and isn’t paying any mind to her legal notice

Priyanka Chopra is said to have sent Aseem Merchant a legal notice stating that no personal or confidential information regarding her family should be brought forth and the publicity material of the film should be withdrawn.

Aseem Merchant however has chosen to defy his ex’s notice and is set to go ahead with the biopic on Prakash Jaju. Talking about the notice to a popular daily, Aseem revealed, “We are going ahead with the project and we do not want to succumb to any pressure tactics. We have already replied to her notice”

The producer’s lawyer Alankar Kripkekar on the other hand stated that Aseem had all the rights to Jaju’s biopic and the plot of the film will not intend to defame anyone but will plainly tell Jaju’s story as it is.

Aseem on his part talked about the project stating that he isn’t looking for anyone’s approvals. He further added that he and his team have bought the rights to Jaju’s biopic and he will not be showing the script of the film to anyone.

The biopic is said to draw heavily from the I Can’t Make You Love Me fame Priyanka Chopra’s personal and professional life. With her sending a legal notice to Aseem, looks like this hottie is desperate for the venture to come to a halt. What has she got to hide? Well we will know once that controversial biopic is out!

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  • hamsanat

    No matter what they do, they can’t bring PC down

  • aisha

    Yes let him take the bait. I expected this low life to do just as he has. It’s amazing how he keeps saying this film is about prakash jaju when it’s clear that all the publicity the movie is getting and all it’s clear giving to get is by the mere mention of pc’s name. Who the he’ll is prakash? No one would care about him or his story, sure he is the central xter but the most important xter is pc’s.
    This man is soooo stupid he is tying his self without realising it. It will give pc time to strategize now that she’s sure of his next move. She’ll be able to make a case against him depending on the no of times her xter appears in the movie in relation to prakash’s. Mr prakash’s previous court case must be a refered to he is a convicted criminal? If he was so innocent y didn’t he appeal the verdict?, y now when her father is no more to defend himself? Y now when she has become an international star? So much mess but i believe pc has the stamina for this one if it doesn’t get thwarted already.
    BOLLYWOOD LIFE! Sending someone a legal notice of warning is a kind gesture and doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has anything to hide. I feel pc feels 4 her deceased father’s name being dragged thru the mud than herself . Her name has been dragged thru the mud already. So she really has nothing to lose there.

  • aisha

    Boy! She really was young stupid and naive to have ever dated this creature. I don’t blame her she was only seventeen. I believe bl quoted part of the legal notice previously. In what way is Priyanka and her legal team pressuring them?, they were just stating the obvious that he is using her name to promote his sorry excuse of a movie. This guy has lost already, cos there r no phrases of coercion or threats that points to what he alludes.
    Someone is going to get really broke and it ain’t pc.