Ashmit Patel goes nude!

He takes a cue from ‘close friend’ Veena Malik in baring it all, but we wonder how it will help his career

The Patel siblings sure know how to stay in the news. After Ameesha Patel’s claims and denials over the Sanjay Dutt controversy kept her in the news for a week, it is now the turn of her brother Ashmit. Forget plunging necklines, Ashmit went a step ahead and dropped all his clothes for the magazine Men’s Health. And what is the oh-so-valid reason for his full monty? An article on how to choose the right brief! Shot in black and white, the sexy photos leave nothing about the actor’s amazing physique to imagination – other than the one aspect that women would love to know more about. Drat. We found this on a newspaper’s website while surfing the Net yesterday. We figured you guys might have seen it too so we’ll wait to comment till we get fresher images, but we just couldn’t resist bringing you this really sexy photo till then.

While we are sure the photos would have grabbed the attention of B-town producers by now, we wonder what effect it will have on Ashmit’s stagnant career. When his ‘close friend’ Veena Malik posed nude for the men’s magazine FHM a couple of months back, the resultant controversy over whether she actually did it or not and her claims to sue the magazine gave Veena’s fledgling career a much-needed push. She even bagged a couple of item numbers. But we doubt it will benefit Ashmit since item boys are not that much in demand in Bollywood. And there are no plans for a Desi Boyz sequel either. Maybe trying to prove his histrionic skills instead of just showing off his biceps, triceps and everything in between would have been a better idea. Agree?

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