Aspiring Bollywood actor Gehna Vashisht assaulted

Aspiring Bollywood actor Gehna Vashisht assaulted

The girl faced the ire of a bunch of social activists recently because of her controversial photo shoot. It seems that she she draped the Indian flag around her waist and teamed it up with a bikini

Beaten by a mob of 20-25 people, Gehna was accused of disrespecting the Indian national flag. Raising the hackles of the masses, the actor had to pay quite a huge price for opting for a flag as a part of her ensemble. Actor-cricket anchor Mandira Bedi has also grabbed eyeballs in the past for choosing to wear a sari that had the Indian national flag imprinted on it. Although Bedi didn’t have to experience something so ruthless, fortunately for her, she did attract a lot of flak for her style statement.

When we spotted a picture of an injured Gehna facing the cameras with a dejected look on her face, we wondered if the people who did this to her have been arrested yet. If not, Gehna simply has to wait till justice prevails, we guess!

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  • Rameshwar

    Gehna mai tumko acchi tarha se janata hu..
    tum aisa nahi kar sakati,
    ye sab tune director ke kahene pe ki hogi’

    • Amit

      Jo hua achha hua….isse dekhakar shayad koi aur aisa karane ki soch raha hoga to nahi karega. Desh ke aage koi nahi, pehle desh fir filmstars

  • Prakash

    This is sheer nonsense. Not that I agree with what she did, but I am sick and tired of this stupid moral policing done by every tom, dick and harry in India. Just because, you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean you can physically abuse someone ( either man/woman). The people who did this must suffer the consequences,and in an extreme way at that. No one should get away with the silly excuse of protecting the integrity of the flag.

    • Bloody Indian

      Prakash what if some one wear a Jockey with a print of your Mum Face?India is our MOTHER country and I believe that our National Flag is our Mother’s face..

      • shailendra kumar

        what makes you think that these so called patriots are having any respect for indian flag. most probably they are on rolls of the media group which organises such cheap publicity gimmicks for both the politician and the upstarts of bollywood. of late we see many such orchestrated tv news which just bring to our notice the name ;of course with bit of shock,violence,sex and cheap stunts the political group and the upstart bollywood actors. i am always surprised at the presence of tv cameraman at such places . they must be having divine vision like sanjay of mahabharata who narrated the live telecast of the battle to the blind dhritrashtra. hope we dont end up becoming blind tv watchers who see only what is shown and not what is to be observed

    • Rupesh

      Not only her… Anyone who do like this will be treated in the same way or even worst. Its India’s National flag. India is my Motherland… I don’t know how about you…
      Anything related to mother and motherland is divine for me…You will not rubbish that.
      Probably you don’t know how a soldier protect the integrity of the flag… Its not silly. Its not only the responsibility of a soldier, every Indian should protect it.

    • Jaihind

      Mother of a solider who died to protect our divine flag never forgive her act. And wish worse for her. JAIHIND


    this collection is very effective

  • jp

    waiting for arrest who attacked on this b****.. well people are waiting for arrest of this gal..she disrespect national flag..and she should be behind the bar.. as per indian constitution ..she broke the law with her act.. if people are not agree with me..then please go and read constitution

  • Raj

    Acha hai Desh to bachha nahi rahe kam se kam jhanda to bacha rahe hai. Kash yahi haal corruption ke khilaf hota waise not bad keep it up.desh ki izzat rahe ya na rahe jhanda ki to rahegi.
    to everybody bfr writing anything agnst me just think abt it aur agr koi mahasay muje gali denge to unke lie unki gali unki ho jae.

  • Rakesh

    these actress show their body to make money at the cost of indian flag.. think abt the people dying daily to protect this sacred flag.. , our soldiers . love the work of activists.. should have slapped her a few more times..

  • linda michael

    It was wrong on the part of the actress to drape National flag like that which itself was an big insult.Our soldiers sacrifice their life for Our national flag and these morons keep on insulting our flag as if it is an ordinary clothes.Mob should not have attacked,they should have made police complain,violence is not the solution for every problem.

    • Shrikant

      Yes. Have some decency. Get her arrested and action taken on her full unit.

  • Rups

    This is rubbish, nonsense. Cant they get a simple point that Indian Flag is not made to use as bikini. This is injustice to the nation. She should be punished for this.


    This female is a dumb b*t*h. In the name of fashion, she cannot do what she has done.

  • david john

    she got what she deserved…
    thanks the local people handled it otherwise the government would have give punishment after 50 years

  • Praveen

    All crews of that photo shoot should be punished along with that girl.


    when we see flags in the garbage after the celebration of independence day, republic day, etc., then what is that? India has full of idiots, fools.

  • Narasimha S

    Someone does something you don’t like? Beat them up.

    Someone says something you don’t like? Beat them up.

    Someone worship a god you don’t like? Beat them up.

    We’ve had the first two steps, I’m just waiting for the third to complete the mob rule that is destroying India.

  • Kumar

    Incidents like these show how backward India is. Indian society is no different from hardcore islamic fundamental societies even though many Indians dont like to admit it.
    If a group of people dont like something, they believe they should ban something or beat up somebody because they think they know better. India is right a third world, slum country littered with illiterate and uncivilized goons.

  • Inder

    Both are shameful acts . .First Spoiling dignity of NATIONAL FLAG. . .and second Mob’s cruelity on a female . .