Ayesha Takia’s sister prepares for Bollywood

The Mod actor’s younger sister has been working towards a filmi career for a while now, and if all goes well she will soon finalise her debut film

The voluptuous Ayesha Takia has definitely put films low on her priority list, but she isn’t giving up on the glamour industry completely. The Mod actor has been busy grooming her little sis Natasha for the big and bad world of Bollywood. For almost a year, the two have been hunting for a perfect launch pad, but Ayesha says the search might end soon. She reveals, “A lot of people have been offering her (Natasha) films. As of now, she is reading two scripts and will be finalising one very soon.” It seems like the caring sister has finally found a fitting launch for her baby sister. If you think that Ayesha’s sister will be just like her, you are mistaken. If Ayesha is chalk, then Natasha is like cheese. The 20-something aspirant sports dark-painted nails, body piercing and tattoos. In fact, unlike her sister, Natasha doesn’t harbour any inhibitions when it comes to kissing and showing a little bit of skin for the screen. She says as long as it fits in well in the script, she wouldn’t mind it. It seems she has already learnt the tricks of the trade. Thank God Natasha has chosen to be her own individual and not follow her sister’s path in films.