Ayushmann Khurrana on the cover of Men’s Health: The actor shows off his delicious six pack abs!

The Vicky Donor dude is sporting his fabulously iron-hard tummy on this month’s Men’s Health cover

Ayushmann Khurrana loves his suits and ties. If he wasn’t an actor we would have definitely mistaken him for a hot-shot CEO of a company. Be it award functions or launch events –you will always spot him at his sophisticated best. And that’s what he is doing at the shoot of the Men’s Health mag as well. With a cup of coffee in his hand, staring meditatively into the middle distance and looking as charming as ever in a grey suit, the actor is also seen going semi formal at the shoot. He wears a pink shirt and checked tie as one of the style options for the glossy. And of course, when you think Ayushmann, you think funky. Despite the formal statements, AK doesn’t forget to add a tinge of vibrancy. The bright orange mac, the actor’s blue shirt and tie combo and the ‘I am thinking’ expression make for a great style package.

You check out AK’s hottttt abs, and let us know if he managed to make you all dizzy with excitement…you gals especially!