Baat Ban Gayi music review: A short and sweet surprise

Singers: Sonu Nigam, Ash King, Sardar Ali, Nakash Aziz, Javed Ali, Meenal Jain

Music: Harpreet Singh

Lyrics: Rajeev Pal Singh Rana, Ubaid Azam Azmi, A M Turaz

Approach Baat Ban Gayi with zero expectations and chances are you will be surprised. First is the presence of Sonu Nigam – missing from the music scene for quite some time and the other is the absence of different forced versions (rock, dhol etc etc) of the songs.

The album opens with guitar strumming Naseeba by Ash King. The soft, melodious track is easy on ears and raises the expectation from the album. While the lyrics do not add much value to the song, music director Harpreet Singh uses the chorus in a very innovative manner. The composition is interesting and may remind you of something very similar you have heard somewhere.

The next song Dance Karna by Sardar Ali and Ash King is the essential Punjabi number the albums must have these days. With lyrics like Dance Karna you know where you are headed to once the song starts playing. The music does not disappoint and has the potential to be a dance number.

The singer who is very choosy with his songs, surprises you with Man Yu Shudi. Sonu Nigam is in his elements and this song is just what he is so good at. The song is loaded with love and Sonu’s voice only makes it a better deal. Man Shudi may sound similar to a number from Raanjhanaa but barring the title there is nothing in common. Sonu takes the song to a different level and gives the song that Rock song feeling it so badly needed. This song without doubt is the pick of the album.

Bhago Mohan Pyare in the voice of Nakash Aziz takes a lighter look when you land in a soup. The title taken from classic Jaago Mohan Pyare lists all the funny situations which the character finds himself in and has to make a run to save his life.

The album ends with what probably is dedicated to one of the characters in the movie. Katto Rani by Javed Ali and Meenal Jain has nothing new to offer in terms of either arrangement or lyrics or singing. Its just a song which will be used because there has to be a song at a particular situation.

The length of the entire album is just 15:48 seconds. The songs finish even before you realise. A rather too short by Bollywood standards but nonetheless a sweet surprise.

Rating: 2.5 out of 52.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Aseem Shrivastava

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent