Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo to see a new face: Vani Sharma

The latest buzz on NDTV Imagine’s daily soap ‘Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo’ is that the show is gonna see entry of a new character Sunehri, played by Vani Sharma. Sunehri comes face to face with Bharati and Murli in a train sequence and ends in a verbal clash with Murli.

Ironically, she was the best friend of Murli in their past life, reveals a source. But we are guessing there is much more to it, seeming the quest of Bharati to discover her past life. Vani Sharma was earlier seen on the popular show Chhoona Hai Aasmaan on Star One and Jeevan Saathi on Colors. Also seen on the show will be Archana Taide, of the Swarg fame, essaying the role of Bharati in her past life as the beautiful girl married to Krishna (Murli in the past life). 

When asked about her role in the show, Vani smartly decides to keep the audience waiting & guessing for some more time and says, “In Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo, I am playing the role of this girl called Sunehri who is going to meet her fiancé and is very happy about it. In the train journey she meets Murli and gets into a very verbose conversation with him. Murli gets irritated and they land up in verbal war with each other.”

The introduction of a new character at this point in the story is certainly intriguing. So, let’s wait & watch what new twists & turns Sunehri brings to the story of ‘Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo.’

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