Baba re! What has Sanju done now?

A year-old advertisement where the deadly Dutt talks about machismo shows off his penchant for foot-in-mouth verbalising

Everybody loves Sunjay Dutt, just like we do. Now with Double Dhamaal’s release around the corner, we are all most excited to watch him on the big screen. In our excitement to know more, we did some surfing and stumbled upon an advertisement for a soda brand that Sanju had done some time last year. The ad was about the dying manliness in Indian men, especially after the success of Dharma Productions’ Dostana. In the commercial Sanju baba questions the way men are drifting from gymnasiums to beauty parlours, how they are getting their hair permed and other such new-found metrosexual indulgences. He goes on and on about how men shouldn’t cook, look after babies, et al. Which kinda makes us laugh, coz when the macho man became a father, he mushily said, “Can’t take my eyes off my little little princess is the love of my son my rockstar. Just can’t thank enough to god.” Apparently the machismo was just for the ad, as all the rough-tough mardangi flew right out of the window with the arrival of his twins. We wonder how wife Manyata reacted when the ad was aired – did she laugh it off as just another guy thing, or did Sanju sleep on the couch for a few nights?

P.S.: Check out the ad here, it’s fun to see Sanju plug machismo so aggressively!