Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Are Ram Kapoor and Priya really divorced?

We thought it was just a way to get Juhi’s daughter Naina adopted. But is the divorce valid?

If you remember, Ram Kapoor went through a whole lot of plans to adopt Naina, Juhi’s daughter, on Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

One of them was to divorce a ‘sinking’ Priya Kapoor and marry Juhi, thus getting better and more legitimate access to her child and then adopting the teenager legally. After many ifs, buts, arguments and debates, Ram finally agreed and signed on the decree, making his divorce from Priya final. And then things went crazy – Priya suddenly woke up and even more suddenly recovered her memory, never mind that in real life it does not happen that way.

And now she is starting to take control of her home and family again, which you know will lead to problems. And they have already started. But the biggest problem of them all is that Priya and her Mr Kapoor are divorced and she finds out. And Ram has to explain.

How does she find out? Simple – she comes across the divorce papers and confronts Ram. He has to explain, but comes up with an emotional speech: ‘We were husband and wife on paper long before we fell in love,’ he tells her, ‘and that love still exists – can’t you feel it and see it in my eyes?’ And he gives her a choice – ‘trust me or trust the papers’.

While Priya accepts that he loves her and the reasons for the divorce may be real and valid, she also insists that he cannot get too…err…friendly before they are properly married again. And that, we all know, will be a complicated business, since Bade Acche Lagte Hain is a Hindi soap and complications are part of the game.

So what will happen next? Will Priya find out that Ram was going to marry Juhi? Will she also learn that the marriage was only to gain custody of Naina, or will she believe that her husband – ex-husband, really – and her best friend are in a relationship? Ram asks people not to tell Priya about his planned wedding to Juhi, but will that secret be kept? We look forward to finding out…don’t you?