Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Can Ram Kapoor win estranged wife Priya Sharma back?

Yes, they did it again…oops! But why is Priya refusing to get back with Ram even after they spend the night together?

It went pretty well, wethought. The first bona fide love scene between Ram Kapoor and then-wife Priya Sharma was ewww-inducing, to put it politely, with the…err…coming together of two overweight people who are not exactly young or beautiful. We liked the sentiment, but not the execution, and said so, if you remember. Because of that, we worried hugely when we heard that there would be a reprise of that romantic moment, and told you about that too.

But when it actually happened earlier in the week, it was not that bad. There was dim lighting, no blatant stuff going on, no kissing, no writhing on tangled bedsheets, no sighing or heavy breathing and no bare skin. Bless Ekta Kapoor for letting her subtle side express itself so well! This time, there was emotion, more than any soap has ever shown off, we are sure. It was a soggy scene indeed – tears poured down Priya’s face, trickled on to her shoulder as they flowed from Ram’s eyes and smudged her eyeblack very realistically and – we must admit, aesthetically. There was soft music, softer dialogue and softly evocative romance. All this, interspersed with scenes of Neha and Vikram’s wedding, Mamaji’s drunkenness and family bonding.

And somewhere along the way, just when we were expecting a lovely reconciliation, things went off track. Even as Ram continues with his mushy mood, expecting Priya to reciprocate, she snubs him, pushing him away, saying that it will not work and that she is going back to Dubai and will never see him again. There is shock, horror, astonishment writ large on Ram’s face and he throws the proverbial fit, demanding to know why and yelling that his marriage to current wife Ayesha was no real marriage, but a matter of convenience done just for Priya. And right when we were saying ‘Huh?’, our stout hero stomps off, presumably to clean up, while the lady herself sneaks out to the main door of the mansion.

But wait….Mamaji spots her as she is leaving and through the clouds of the hangover he is suffering from, wonders what is going on. And yeah, though it does sound like a dose of déjà vu, so do we!