Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Did Priya Kapoor win Ram Kapoor’s heart…again?

She did, and how! And in doing so, demolished rival Isha’s bid to grab Ram for herself with a big fat lie…

We told you earlier how Isha finally confessed to Ram Kapoor that she was back in the country to ‘settle down’ with the stout industrialist as husband. It comes as a huge shock to him, as he had refused to believe his wife Priya Kapoor when she told him that Isha had designs on his…err…virtue. In fact, they had a big fight about it, with Priya firmly convinced that Ram was having an affair with Isha and the fat man going kinda ballistic denying it. As a result, Priya and daughter Pihu took off for the Sharma household. And the two pined, Ram in his mansion with his glass of something soothing and Priya on the balcony of her father’s house, talking to the breeze. They finally connected and Ram was driving over to see Priya so that they could talk and sort the mess out. And then the fun started.

Ram had asked Isha to speak to Priya and tell her that there was nothing except college-time friendship between them. But when Priya asked Isha to butt out of her life and her relationship with her husband, the sexy lady let it fly. She told the legit Mrs Kapoor that it was not her, Isha, who needed to get out of the triangle, but Priya herself, since Ram had rekindled the love between himself and his college sweetie. At which point we groaned in despair, expecting another long-drawn out argument and more separation anxiety in the Kapoor marriage. Turns out we were completely off-track! Priya tells Isha that while she and Ram may fight and spend time apart, she had no doubts at all about their love for each other. And she knew full well that her husband was not going to leave her for anyone, leave alone Isha.

Dramatic pause, clashing music…Ram appears in the doorway behind Isha and hears all this. Priya has won again, and he is hers, even more than ever, if that was possible. A smile grows across his stout face.

Once the kebab mein trying to be haddi left, the coosome twosome wander off to the nearby park to walk, sit and chat. Ram makes sure that Priya knows that however fat she may become, he will always find her attractive and always love her and we are left going awwwwww as the couple cuddles on the park bench – now where was the morality police hiding, we have to wonder!

But there is a new story starting, one that may save us from a sugar overload. Ayesha is up to her usual bad lady deeds and has been attacking her brother Karthik with renewed vigour, playing her nasty little games. She is also embroiled in a daily battle with Natasha, and we cannot help but cringe at our vision of future events, when Natasha will be hurt as Ayesha gloats. For now, even as the anniversary party is being planned, Ayesha has duped Jhanvi into coming to the house to see Karthik. And how did she do that? By making an anonymous call to Jhanvi to tell her that Karthik has been badly hurt in an accident. Low blow, no?