Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Does Fenil Umrigar impress or disappoint as Pihu?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Does Fenil Umrigar impress or disappoint as Pihu?

It’s been three to four episodes since the new leap and we have a lot to say about the new recruits

When we learnt that the girl (Fenil Umrigar) from Best Friends Forever on Channel V was cast to play the 23-year-old Pihu, we were somewhat alright with the choice. Fenil definitely seemed like a decent actor from what we saw on Channel V. However, after seeing her on Bade Acche Lagte Hain we have our doubts.

Fenil surely looks like the character – the chubbiness, playful eyes, fair toned skin, et al but wonder what went wrong with her acting. She sometimes over emotes and at times seems disconnected from the scene. Fenil and the two twins share no chemistry; then again Myrah (Vinti Idnani ) and Pari (Pragati Chourasia) have no chemistry either.

Fenil’s scenes with Ram Kapoor are quite boring and plain. Besides the lack of chemistry, the two don’t even look like father and daughter. If you remember, Amrita Mukherjee – the little Pihu, she showcased better acting skills compared to the new one.

In yesterday’s episode, the makers of the serial introduced the adult Sammy played by Yuvraj Thakur. While we think the dishy dude is a decent actor, it’s such a contrast to the original character. Till the last leap, Sammy was a nerd, shy and a geek guy and now he has suddenly become bold, crass and a womanizer. How do characters change so drastically?

We are extremely disappointed with the choice of actors playing Ram and Priya Kapoor’s grown up children. What do you think BollywoodLifers?

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  • sona sharma

    Totally agree the casting director sure did a bad job esp when we talk about pihu ..amrita was outstanding ..even aanchal was better any day!

  • nitin kumavat

    she looks quite sexy in this role she looks awesome she is very pretty a girl that every boy will like to date

  • r0hini shenoy

    hate the new pihu. she only knows to flutter her eyelashes. no acting skills at all. just cant relate to her as pihu. should hv continued wid aanchal . just a lil make over would hv done d trick. nobody changes soooo drastically over 7 yrs. especially when all other senoir characters still look d same :)

  • Claudette

    Shritama Mukherjee anytime better as Peehu. Fenil is really boring, no acting skills at all, no expressions on her face. Even Aanchal was much better.

  • nishtha varshney

    I don’t like new peehu, she don’t knw how to act , and not suits with the character of peehu, plzz change this girl .

  • zake

    Iam impressed to see Fenil Umrigar at bade acche lagte hain main