Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Finally, the time leap!

Ram Kapoor and wife Priya are now parents of three daughters. The show jumped forward nine years last night…

So it was a huge and holy mess last night on our favourite Hindi soap. Bade Acche Lagte Hain has been totally confusing and convoluted for a while now, with everyone being good and bad with each tick of the clock and nobody quite sure whose side who was on.

But now things seem to be sorted. Bhanu (Karan Mehra) has been scathingly dismissed by Natasha Kapoor (Sumona Chakravarti) and whopped nicely by his brother Vikram Shergill (Jai Kalra) and by Ram Kapoor.

To celebrate, the girls – Neha Shergill (Tarana Raja Kapoor), Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar)and Natasha – decide to go out for drinks and dancing. And while they are doing just that, Priya starts having contractions. She is in labour! Natasha and Neha rush her to the hospital, somehow Ram and Vikram arrive there after some missed calls and unanswered messages, and everything ends happily ever after.

A tired and no-make-up Priya lies in her hospital bed while fond and proud husband Ram says lovely mushy things to her, daughter Pihu demands rights over the new babies – who look surprisingly old for newborns, by the way – and an air of pink hearts and roses clouds the room. And a sledgehammer strong message underlies the whole scene: Ram Kapoor has three daughters now and cannot be happier, while Priya’s papa extols the arrival of two new Lakshmi’s into the family. A wonderful way to present the ‘girls are good’ moral!

Soon after, the episode ends with a voice over from Priya. The camera pans slowly and lovingly over a wall of photographs of the proud mother with her twin daughters who are growing up. There is no Pihu and no Ram either in any of the shots, but we presume all is well…until the next twist in this never-ending and almost always-entertaining tale!