Bade Acche Lagte Hain: How dumb is Ayesha Kapoor?

Tiffs between couples are just a good excuse to make more love. The whole process of roothna-manana is supposed to be romantic, but Sid and Ayesha’s so-called ‘love story’ is beyond stupid!

In the most recent episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, we saw how Ayesha Kapoor finds Siddhanth Kapoor in the arms of a bar dancer-stripper-call girl during his bachelor party. Ayesha gets super annoyed; she calls off the wedding and storms out of the party. Sid, who is absolutely drunk, doesn’t realise what happened until morning, when his family tells him everything about his night-time adventures.

With a little help from Vikram and Neha, Sid decides to meet Ayesha and apologise for his wanton actions on the previous night. But Ayesha is in no mood to listen to his explanations – she has decided that it’s time to go back to the mansion and her happily comfortable life as memsahib, even if Ram does not want her. Now that’s something Ram Kapoor and wifey Priya can’t allow to happen, right? So to get the troublesome two together again, Vikram plants a ring in a bowl of chocolate mousse and asks Sid to feed it to Ayesha. When Ayesha finds the diamond ring, she jumps up and down in excitement, hugs and kisses Sid and even agrees to marry him….what in all heck! Looks like all that Sid did to her and to everyone else doesn’t matter any more – very bizarre, wethinks!

It doesn’t matter that just a day before the wedding he was getting cosy with another woman. It doesn’t even matter that he didn’t bother to apologise until the next morning. Hey, it is nothing if the proposal and the ring weren’t his idea. This clearly showcases how dumb and gullible Ayesha can be. A perfect match for the slimy Sid! Well, at least all this makes it easier for Ram and Priya to get their life back. Guess that’s enough for us…right?