Bade Acche Lagte Hain: How evil can Ayesha Kapoor get?

Akanksha Juneja has just entered the popular show on Sony TV, but has already flipped the story 360° with her evil and bitchy ways. What comes next? We can’t wait to find out!

So Bade Acche Lagte Hain‘s Ayesha Kapoor has accepted and acknowledged that all she ever wanted from Ram Kapoor was money – who can blame her! There was really nothing more to the roly poly business tycoon where she was concerned anyway. Though Priya Kapoor would beg to differ on that one! Ayesha has claimed her right to the Kapoor mansion, the multi-business company, the cars and the unlimited bank balance…whatta life! She has also made it her mission to make everyone pay for going against her wishes in any way. OMG! That’s definitely going to be a very long list, no?

Ayesha has already thrown Rishab (Ram Kapoor’s younger brother) out of the office and his wife Soumya out of her room. And now we wonder what her next step will be. Like the typical 70’s movies, will the newly minted memsaab fire all the servants and make her in-laws do the work? Imagine poor Dadi and mother-in-law doing jhaadu, pocha and katka. Pity! But we have some more evil ideas that Ayesha could work on….

Now that Rishab is fired, Ayesha could hire him as her personal chauffeur, with Soumya as her masseuse and baby-nanny. Not that they are going to be any good at it, but revenge has its perks.

With all her money, Ayesha could get Pihu kicked out from that posh school she goes to. Well, wethinks that will happen anyway, since her parents won’t be able to afford the fees any more, what with Ram giving all his money and property away.

Ayesha could buy the building her parents and Priya live in, just to spite them. Hey, bitchy is her second name, no!

She could force her in-laws to change from a rich and sumptuous diet to eat stale and half cooked food. Eh….. bright side, at least that way the whole family can go on a diet, and lose all that excess flab.

With a little bribe Ayesha could compel auto drivers to never accept Ram as a passenger ‘coz of the obvious extra tonnage they would need to drive around. Imagine if Ram has to walk everywhere – ideal strategy to lose weight! That way, Ayesha may just achieve what Priya could never do – make Ram slimmer and trimmer.

If she’s feeling a little extra nasty, Ayesha could shut all the toilets in the house except her personal loo. So anyone who really has to go must use the servant’s quarters…or the public convenience down the road.

Ayesha could decide to charge rent from everyone who stays in the house, and ask for payment for food, living, refrigerator use, electricity and water and simultaneously fine them for talking out of line, being where they are not allowed to be and ultimately breathing the same air as she does.

Our advice to the Kapoor family: Run…now! Ayesha’s mean-streak can definitely be hazardous to health!