Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Is Natasha trying to break up Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor’s marriage?

Will the rock-solid love story manage to withstand the latest storm, or will things go sour soon? We have reasons to wonder….

So it has all hit the fan. Kartik Sharma, Priya Kapoor’s brother, finally revealed that he had been setting up house with Jhanvi, cheating on wife Natasha Kapoor, and had a baby with his new lady too. As a result, he left the Sharma house, leaving the baby behind, after Jhanvi had left the child with him. Confused? Wait – it gets more interesting and convoluted. Natasha takes off on a bender and spends the next couple of days drunk, ending up in hospital. And the snake in the Kapoor world turns up there to have a chat. Yes, Ayesha drops in to see Natasha and pours poison into her ear. And the gal, who has been so painfully and boringly goody goody, playing dutiful and loving bahu for too long, suddenly turns – she now refuses to have anything to do with her in-laws as long as Kartik’s baby is in the house and actually storms out of the house with it to abandon it somewhere.

So now it gets exciting. The Sharmas, Sudhir and Shipra, Priya’s parents, run after Natasha and grab the baby. In the temper tantrum struggle, she falls and hits her head. And you just know what comes next – Natasha brings in the police, saying that her in-laws had to be arrested for daughter-in-law bashing. The Sharma couple are thrown in jail – and there is a really mean and nasty cop-woman who keeps yelling for some reason – and lots of tears are shed. Priya and Ram come charging in to the rescue and more weeping and wailing ensues. Turns out that Natasha will make peace again only if the baby is given away. So Priya takes the infant to Neha and Vikram’s house and leaves it with them. Along the way, Natasha makes threats that she will make sure that Priya and Ram split…or did we hear that wrong?

Whatever is going on in Bade Acche Lagte Hain, at least it is much more fun than all the lovey dovey coohie-coo niceness that was happening on the show. We feel much better now!