Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Is Priya Kapoor going to wake up soon when Rajat Kapoor returns?

Ram Kapoor’s beloved wife has been in a coma for years now. And soon her former ‘good friend’ Rajat will be back – will there be another twist in this complicated tale?

Yeah, yeah, we know you know and we all know how we don’t know. And you have no clue what we are blathering on about, right? Very simple: The last time leap on Bade Acche Lagte Hain was puzzling indeed. It happened right after we had just gotten used to the new set of faces representing characters who were growing up, and then we had to figure it all out again. Most recently, Pihu Kapoor underwent a change, from tall and slim to petite, from good to shades of grey, from Fenil Umrigar to Sonia Balani. Ram Kapoor has to figure out how to get custody of Juhi’s daughter Naina for her – he tries to have his black sheep brother Sid marry Juhi, the lawyers find a hole in that story and things go back to the usual level of confusion. Juhi loves Ram, but also knows he loves Priya and so refuses to marry him…or will she now? Natasha Kapoor makes friends with her ex-husband’s new wife’s now-growing up son so that he knows his grandparents. Pihu wants her dad to marry Juhi and let the ‘sinking’ Priya go – how long will Priya sink, we wonder, coz the doctors said she would not last long some episodes ago!

And to add tadka to this entire jhamela, Rajat Kapoor is now going to come back to the story, we are told. Played by Samir Kochhar, this character, a Dubai-based businessman, was instrumental in Priya’s life working out when she is separated from Ram, but he made a tactful exit when the two lovebirds reunited. What is he going to do in this tangled tale? We wait to find out, but buzz is that he will help do the…err…untangling, having learned that his buddy Ram is having problems and the woman he loved, Priya is – umm, yes, we said it already – sinking. Meanwhile, drama is almost certain to ensure this week, as promos of the show have Pihu sitting by Priya’s bedside, the windows wide open, a cold wind blowing in, even as Ram plays out a wedding scenario with Juhi downstairs. Suhaani (Ekta Kaul), the nurse is nowhere within reach, even though she is a full time attendant for her patient. Apart from wanting to know where the show is now set since this is hardly the time of year for cold winds, we can’t help wishing they would either kill Priya off or wake her up, since all this hanging around is getting frankly very boring indeed. Sigh…