Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Karthik Sharma is dead; Priya Kapoor in hospital!

Our man Karthik was shot by the cops and died in the hospital while saving his sister Priya. But wait….why is Natasha Kapoor wailing?

It all came to head last night on the Hindi soap Bade Acche Lagte Hain. Ram Kapoor, his little sister Natasha Kapoor and brother Rishab have mustered up a posse of policemen to nab Karthik Sharma, who is back in town and promising to meet his sister Priya Kapoor. Somewhere in the proceedings, Karthik – who has some explaining to do apropos his two wives, Jhanvi and Natasha, and one son – finds out that the cops are hot on his trail and starts running. His pregnant sister Priya runs after him, but collapses in pain in the middle of the street; typically, the passers-by keep passing by and pay little attention to the fallen woman. Karthik grabs his infant son and runs to the car where Ayesha – yes, the villain of this little piece – is waiting to help him make a getaway…or does she have something more slimy and nasty in mind? Aha, so he chooses to flee instead of remembering family loyalty, right? We thought that too, really!

But no, Karthik puts the child in the car and runs back to pick Priya up, bringing her to the passenger side and settling her in, the baby on her lap. He pulls Ayesha out and starts getting in to drive. And hey, the cops finally arrive! With the expected competency of onscreen policemen, one of them shoots Karthik in the shoulder and then proceeds to lose the trail as our man drives off, making a real mess of the car with his blood. In the hospital, he insists Priya is taken care of, the baby is looked after and his familial bond is the redeeming factor to his image, before he collapses in a welter of what looks suspiciously like ketchup and dies. At least, we think he is dead – a whole bunch of people stands around looking ineffective while Natasha throws herself on her (late?) husband’s chest and wails. Ram stands in the crowd looking as open-mouthedly bewildered as ever. The promos for today show the whole family turning up at the hospital and bawling….another half hour of fun is in store for us, we know!

So what happens next? We cannot wait to find out…..