BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Leap or no leap?

BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Leap or no leap?

Ekta Kapoor’s Bade Acche Lagte Hain is going to span time…very soon. Or maybe not. Here’s what we would like to see

If you’ve tuned in to Sony TV recently, you’d have caught the promos of Bade Acche Lagte Hain that show a young girl asking her mother Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) about her father. Priya then goes on to describe Ram and his quirks. It’s obvious the girl hasn’t met her dad, which means Ram and Priya are no longer together. And since the girl is at least four years old, we are guessing a leap of five years is expected to occur any time soon. We had told you about this plan earlier too, so what’s got us confused? Tarana Raja’s tweet! The former radio jockey, who plays Priya and Ram’s friend Neha, has hinted that there might not be a leap. When a fan asked her if the rumours are true cause they are disappointing, she replied, “Keep the faith. Don’t jump the gun!”. Does this mean the actors are not in the loop about the storyline? Or did Tarana mean something else totally? Sony’s Sneha Rajani revealed a bit more when she tweeted, “Keep the faith.. Ram & Priya won’t be apart for long!”

Anyway, we think Ekta need not stop at the leap. Since she has anyway brought in other trademarks – the scheming mother-in-law, the philandering husband, the kind granny – why not include other elements from her hit shows to make BALH more engaging? With the show’s writers winning the Best Screenwriting Award at the Indian Telly Awards, we are sure there are more been-there-seen-that kind of twists and turns to come. Here’s our take:

Niharika realises she’s done wrong, and makes it her life’s mission to reunite Ram and Priya. Remember how Tulsi’s mother-in-law in Kyunki… Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi had a change of heart before she was killed?

Ram and Priya’s children act all grown up and bring their parents together in a Pavitra Rishta-esque fashion. No, scratch that. It didn’t work for that show either.

What did work? The consummation scene. But we can’t have that again, can we? Yes, we can! Krishna introduces Ram’s long-lost twin brother, a vampire! He and Priya agree to a marriage in name only just to make Ram jealous. But their plan gets complicated when he falls in love with Priya and she too begins to harbour feelings for him. The vampire and the human consummate their marriage in a dreamy locale. Perfect solution, no?

BALH was a hit when it began because it was a “mature love story”. That the lead pair behaved most immaturely in the past few months is another story altogether. Why not make Ram and Priya more mature? Let the show leap by a good 30 years. Both the characters will be around 60 years old. Hopefully by then they will show some degree of maturity. Or will they resurface as their own children…ouch!Subscribe to me on YouTube



    tht serial will lost d trp very soon idiot lady in every serial multi marriages
    let her get married first Ekta Aunty

    • priya

      s she doesnt mean what marriages are to indians so she deserves it

    • SEEMA

      I agree.. serial is a total Flop show… STUPID EKTA.. as she always DO..

  • ALMOSTRamKapoor

    LOlllll… I’m rooting for the vampire bit!!! But aren’t vampires all skinny and pale and everything?? RK will have to go on a BADI diet!! LOL

  • khushboo

    yeh show doobne wala hai

  • Rasel

    I love u 2

  • sonali khare

    pls stop spoiling bade ache lagte hain let the serial go by normal human track & not by abnormal way of thinking pls keep the serial clean let the lead pair have normal life instead of showing RAM marrying PRIYA’s sister that’s pathetic.After marrying and falling in love with ur wife should a person not keep faith in his love ,is it ao fragile ?

    • Vinod

      Ekta is Flop flop flop lady

  • holland

    The first serial I’ve watched from Episode 1. Just love it. Very disappointed in the way things are turning out. Ram has finally begun trusting a woman. He’s hopelessly in love with Priya. He stopped eating when she left him for a few days. Priya is also madly in love with Ram. She told Ram her day begins with him and ends with him. If, God forbid, he falls sick, she will be there for him. They both trust each other completely, they make deals and promises and stick to them. Together they have overcome difficulties throughout the serial. They have even decided to have a “bacha”. That’s what is missing in their lives. Such a loving and beautiful build up – and now a divorce (or separation).
    Ram trusts Priya completely. He knows Priya is lying and putting on an act. Priya is torn apart lying to Ram and seeing him hurt. So why not just tell Ram the truth. From the promo “Ek nayi shuruat”, it’s pretty clear the little girl is Ram’s. So Priya is pregnant while all this ‘natak’ is going on. She needs Ram in her life, especially while she is pregnant. And Ram needs to be around Priya to pamper her – especially while she is pregnant. They did agree to have a “baccha” together, as they realised that a “baccha” is what was missing in their lives.

  • mehak

    plzzzzzzzzzzz no leap is required
    can’t see ram n priya 5 yrs more old it is a middle age love story not old age story
    no child at least not now let ram n priya spend sometime together happily n peacefully
    dont make serial a torture like all other ones.plzzzz


    plsssss BALH m leap mat loooooooo plsssssss ekta

  • sheenu

    l love u ram & priya. plz jaldi se sath ho jao……….

  • sonu

    dear, why r u trying to spoil this serial, its a very good show. you have to continue with Ram and Priya’s love story which is really fantastic (their romantic love story is heart of this opera). Your concept is very good but don’t do seperate from Ram to Priya. Rating and TPR of this show is going down gradually.Oh god, its too boring (coming up marriage of Ayesha and Ram. don’t take this boring step. every one would like to see the romantic love story of ram and priya. please don’t get it too bore.

  • brains

    kyakar rahe hain ekta kapoor?
    achhi serial ko bade kharab kar rahe hain.
    donot mess it–to get back on track will be tough

  • Vaibhavi

    Ram and Priya should stay togather. They act very well. It is pleasure to watch them. Get rid of all confusion and let them be happy.

  • shweta

    it is necessary that the serial must have twists but make sure that the twists are so that the viewers will enjoy and the demand as well as the TRP will also increase!!! i am enjoying the show and very curious to know about the coming twists but the above text is strange sounding about the long-lost twin brother of ram well pls do not do this or else the serial may create a great mess!!!! thanku!!!

  • Admirir

    How can Ekta Kapoor show such illogical story? Siddharta signature are there while giving orders for using cheap material for making medicines, his brother rishabh has himself heard the same when Sid was talking to the manager. Judge has heard only Ayesha plea as witness , what about , the manager, rishabh and the whole office ? Why Ekta Kapoor has suddenly changed the whole mature love story into a mindless , boring, without logic story. Pls somebody suggest her to grow up and start using her mind.v

  • Vela Belle

    thanks for the dry humor in the article – I fell off my chair when I got to know this serial got awards…the actress also got best actress award for shamming in her role!

    Might I say makes one start believing in the lack of credibility in the award allocation…..


    plsssssssssssss ekta BALH m leap mat lo acche khase serial ko apna dimaag laga ke khrab mat karo hm ram priya ko alag nhi dekh sakte…….plsssss:((

  • sayani

    plz do not separate ram and priya… their relationship is the soul of the story

  • b8592g

    this serial is bakwas and flop this serial is go off air

  • minna

    the show began well we all watched it, good story scheming mil was there but funny cause she always failed and then the trp fever hit ekta and now the story gone haywire mil dead reformed!!!!priya ram separated child born does not know his father so far not too bad but ram married again…. thats a bit too much and marrying that nasty sis in law who should have been drowned long ago . i have figured this story from the promos and what people write i no longer watch the serial. in fact i think noone will watch it cause the main essence of the story has gone….ekta watch out u will soon have to start producing serials with anothe name cause i dont watch any serial which has your name attached to it anymore

  • Sania Kapoor

    Dear Ektaji,
    Aapki serial “Bade Ache Lagate Hai” is very Heart- Touching love story of Ram & Priya. Hamare ghar mein ye serial sab ek saath aur without missing one single episode dekhate hai. My sister’s son is 06 years old & he also like this serial very much. We all are very much attached to this serial.
    Hamane aisa suna hai ki ram aur priya coming episode mein apne jeevan ki alag se nai shurwat karnevale hai. Ram ayesha se shadi karega aur priya ke life mein rajat Kapoor naam ka shaks aanewala hai.Aapne serial shuru hone se phele kaha tha ki “Bade Ache Lagate Hai” ye ek alag kahani hai. lekin ye serial phir vahi “kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” aur “kahani ghar ghar ki” ki tarah vahi purana mode le rahi hai. “Bade Ache Lagate Hai” ye title Ram aur priya ke saath rahane se hi suit hota hai. Agar wo saath nahi rahe phir ye title ka kya meaning. Aapne ye serial mein Ram (age 40 ) priya (age 30) in dono ka pyaar bahot achi tarah se dikhaya hai. Hamare hi nahin saab ghar mein Bade, Bujurg aur Chote bache saab saath mein dikhate hai. Aap abhi jo Ram aur Priya ki coming life dikhane wale hai, wo hamare Indian Culture ko jara bhi suit nahi karti. Abhi jo teenagers ye serial dekh rahe hai, unka pyaar se aur arrange marriage se vishwas uth jayeega.
    Aap ye serial mein jo chahiye wo dikhaye , chahe kitne bhi negative roles Ram aur Priya ko alag karne ke koshish kare lekin please, please, please Ram aur Priya ko ek saath hi Dikhaye. Ram aur Ayeesha ki shaadi to hargez hi mat dikhayi ye kyunki aisa dikhane se Ram aur Priya future mein mile bhi to phir unka ek saath rahane ka koyi matlab nahi hai. Agar wo alag alag dikhaye to hum log ye serial hi dekhana bandh kar denge.Hum jab Bus Train mein travel karte hai to pata chalta hai ki najane kitne aise log hai jo ye serial dekhate hai aur wo bhi is baat se jara bhi khush nahi hai ki Ram aur Priya ko alag dikhaya hai.Aadhe logone to ye serial hi dekhana bandh kar diya hai.Now when Priya is pregnant aapko unka pyaar, ek dusare ke liye care, ye sab achi tarah se dikha sakate hain. PLEASE HAMARE IS COMMENT PE GUAR KARE AUR RAM AUR PRIYA KO SAATH MEIN DIKHAYE TAKI HUM SAAB YE SERIAL “Bade Ache Lagate Hai” BADE HI PYAAR SE DEKH SAKE.

  • pallvi

    pls……… ram or priya ko alag alag mat karna nai to hamere ghar ke be sab log is seriel ko dekna chod denge jab ram or priya he alag alag ho gaye to is seriel ko dekne ka koi faeda nai hai sania kapoor ji bilkul teek keh rahi hai plssss plssssssssssssss is seriel ko bade acche lagte hain se bade kharab mat banaiye plssssssssssssssss

  • priya solanki

    please dont show aisha as ram’s wife it will ruin the enthu of v viewers to c them unite. And also wht have vampires got to do with a family drama dont make it a horror serial. We love watching ram n priya. Do somethig better.

  • yog

    plz ektaji bahut dinose ram aur priya ko 1 sath nahi dekha. ab to jitane log ye serial dekhate hai wo sab surely yahi chahate honge ke ab ram priya apni beti ke sath 1 sath dikhe. plz ab to unhe ek sath dikhaye, me aur mari pehchan wale logon me ye serial bahut lokpriy hai,

  • pallavi

    we r waiting for that when ram priya and peehu see together
    peehu is so cute with ram please show something new

  • sneha kansal

    ram with peehu look very beautiful . so u think when pihu with ram and priya together will look very awesome.plz show chemistry of ram priya and pihu together.

  • Priyanka

    I agree that BALH was a hit becuase of the beautiful chemistry of Ram and Priya and the mature story line with no unwanted twists and turns and it was loved by all but now it seems that the writers have gone crazy . The whole story line is messed up. The worst part is that Ram and Priya are not allowed ot meet and we have to endure dragging and boring episodes in the hope to see the old story of ram and Priya again. What a mess the story has become. I wonder who thougt of changing the beautiful love story into a meaningless serial….