BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Mohit Malhotra quits the show

BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Mohit Malhotra quits the show

The handsome actor has decided he doesn’t want to be a part of BALH anymore. Why are we not surprised?

It’s official. After months of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Mohit Malhotra aka Kartik will not be a part of Bade Acche Lagte Hain once the show’s storyline leaps forward. Eva Grover (Niharika Kapoor) has already quit the show while Chahat Khanna, who essayed the role of Kartik’s sister Ayesha, has decided to continue after having a discussion with producer Ekta Kapoor. Mohit too had been in talks with Ekta about the way his character will develop after the leap. Now, we hear, he is dissatisfied with the track planned for Kartik and has decided to quit.

We can believe that version. Hey, we are not half as eager to tune in to BALH today as we were the same time last year. The way the story is going… the show is more blah than BALH. What we don’t understand is the other buzz doing the rounds – that Mohit did not want to play a father at such a young age and so decided to quit. C’mon! The show is taking a leap of only five years! Kartik’s child could not be older than four years. We would have understood if the show was taking a 20-year-leap, but we don’t see how having a small kid would make any difference to his on screen image. We won’t be surprised if the falling TRPs had anything to do with his decision. Or a better offer, maybe?

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  • astha kataria

    i m sure kisi ki nazar lagi hai BALH ko dat every 1 is now quiting the show………………ekta ye kya kar diya

  • Jayshree

    when this show was start that this is very nice to see but now again like a ekta kapoor old style tipical saas bahu show after five year some character will be return from dead his old style. i request to ekta kapoor shout down this show and make some good serial for his brother

  • Mrs.Gandhi

    Now Ekta Kapoor is back with her usual storylines of second marriage,misunderstandings and usual nonsense.People are not mad to suffer again with her storylines.Please forgive the audience for God’s sake.It is better if she ends the serial.

  • Priya brahma

    I lv ths show.beautiful show

  • dps

    Ekta why you are spreading stress cant you show good things
    pain, tears, separation,suffering, plz what is this?
    just shut down

  • Afshan

    I have been watching this show but now it’s dragging for no reason and one feels sorry for poor Priya all unreal it seems Ekta does not know how to forward and run coming episodes

  • sasha kapoor

    its not a bad show but there is something missing in this show

  • shelly sharma

    its dragging alot come on Ekta Kapoor do something, try to change to make it interesting………..