Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Only I have permission to scold Pihu, says Sakshi Tanwar

Priya Kapoor may be Amrita Mukherjee’s mother only onscreen, but she is like a mom to the li’l one even without the cameras on

Sakshi Tanwar (Priya Kapoor) and Amrita Mukherjee (Pihu Kapoor) share a very special bond on and off the sets of Bade Acche Lagte Hain. “Pihu never lets me think that I am not her real mother,” said Sakshi. The actor said that she spends most of her free time with Pihu. “I literally do everything for her – from colouring books to telling stories. She is too adorable! We have a habit – whenever she wants to hear a story, I pretend that a there is a birdie on the sets that’s telling me new things. She’ll come and sit on my lap and tell me, ‘Birdie ko bulaao na…please bulaao na!’ – and no one can resist that,” smiles Sakshi, who plays Ram Kapoor’s wife Priya in the serial.

So does handling Pihu get difficult, since after all, she is just a child? “While I pamper her, I also scold her when she gets mischievous. Her mother trusts that I have her best interests in mind and hence has given only me permission to scold her. But Pihu is a very well-mannered kid,” explained Sakshi.

She added, “Pihu is a spontaneous actor too. She improvises her lines and at times her reactions are impromptu. The other day, when I was crying for a scene, she came up and wiped my tears…without any direction!” Looks like we have a new and very young natural actor in the making, no?