BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Priya is not going to die!

BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Priya is not going to die!

Looks like all those tears that Priya, Ram and we shed over the last 20 days were a total waste of saline

The suspense is finally over. Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar), the female lead protagonist of Bade Acche Lagte Hain is not suffering from breast cancer! After three weeks of copious tears, fake smiles, praises for Priya’s ‘courage’ with Ram saying he could never imagine being so brave had he been in her situation, Priya asking Ram’s mother to take care of him with the vague explanation, “Agar main kal na rahoon” (if I am not around tomorrow) and Ram’s stepmom wondering just what the heck was going on, we finally find out what the outcome is – Priya is going to be fine. Priya was told in the January 25 episode that she had a tumour that most likely was breast cancer. She was advised to undergo a biopsy. She did and the test reports were to come in a week later.

Of course, a week in an Ekta Kapoor show storyline extended to 20 whole days in real time. To make time go by, albeit slowly, Priya and her husband Ram (Ram Kapoor) decided to live as if she really was dying. He even tore up his own wishlist and insisted on fulfilling hers instead. Even the show’s doctors have claimed that “breast cancer is completely curable” (even when it might not be so in the real world), but that didn’t deter the two leads or the creators of the soap. Now it seems this entire scare was just a tool to bring the two closer and for Priya to realise that she is in love with her husband. It’s high time she did, considering she had an inkling a long time ago during their honeymoon in Australia. Now we may have forgiven Ekta for her contrived plot if only this entire sequence meant that Priya would finally call Ram by his name. Her addressing him as “Mr Kapoor” and him accepting it is really irritating. It doesn’t even sound like a joke. And this is supposed to be a mature love story. Sigh.

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  • nilu

    good but? pls be realistic

  • monika

    shurk h ki pyiya ko kuch nhi hua…………


    Your love like a true love story.
    nice romence u do in austrelia.

  • Mukesh

    ok so it’s like priya was a good fneird of ashwin and then he use to tell her that he will marry him and priya maybe liked ashwin and then priya’s best fneird i don’t remember her name but ashwins wife,asvin marry’s her who is now his wife because she was more wealthy then priya and that what hurts priya alot and he also tells priya when priya wasn’t married ashwin tells her that he could give her everything and even though priya doesn’t marry’s him he was asking her to be his 2wif

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  • jay

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