BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Priya Kapoor gets a new name!

BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Priya Kapoor gets a new name!

We wonder if she is going to be an escaped convict with a new identity once the show takes a leap

When we heard that the Bade Acche Lagte Hain crew will be shooting in Dubai, we wondered if that meant Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar) will move to the desert city. Now we’ve heard for sure that not only will Priya relocate to Dubai with her young daughter, but she’ll also meet a handsome businessman Rajat Kapoor (Sameer Kocchar) who will fall in love with her. Hold on, that’s not all. Priya’s ex-husband Ram (Ram Kapoor) will also be in Dubai. But there’ll be a hitch in Ram’s attempts to find her, since Priya will now call herself… wait a minute… Parineeti! Yes, she is going to have a new name and a new identity. Hmmm… does that mean she’ll be a fugitive from the law?

We’ve seen that the police van carrying Priya burst into flames on the way to jail. From the promos of the post-leap storyline, we know she survives the accident and is not imprisoned. Till now we had thought that it meant Ram had managed to exonerate her from the charges against her, but the most recent buzz we’ve heard has made us do a rethink. Priya as an escaped convict will definitely perk up the storyline, much more than her legal freedom would have. Finally it seems like BALH is going to be worth watching again. What do you think?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sneha saxena

    i love youuuuu soo much priya di…..nd also mr.kapoor,…..

  • shilpa

    it s hard to believe that each love story from Ekta kapoor’s serial goes through such an agony. why is love always shown so painful. pls think about uniting this couple at the earliest.
    a sweet, short and happy ending with less of emotional pain at times is good.

    • sanjana

      u r right!

  • pragati

    the whole strength of the serial was priya n ram’s relationship which has gone for a complete toss by showing unrealistic problems in their meeting again. unnecessary issues shown in all characters relationship. the whole beauty and purpose is lost of bade acche lagte hain.

  • chhanda

    Such childish contrived ploys being resorted to by Ekta to prevent/postpone THE reunion (Ram & Priya’s) it is disgusting
    Priya’s acting and make-up also leave a lot to be desired these days. I thought the Dubai stint was being sponsored by their Ministry of Tourism (like the Australian stint)but now
    I read the Balaji boss was pulled up by their Govt. re: shooting permits etc! Had she not been so defiant and arrogant I would’ve suggested some piquant twists for future episodes!

  • Mohammad asim

    we are anxiously waiting ram priya and there daughter be together and b a happy family as pro leap rajat and ayshea is boring for them.

  • pranita

    M waiting for when Ram .Priya & Pihu r comming together! and theit happy family becomming more happy! plz meet them soon! so all the fan become very happy!