Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Priya Kapoor vs Ayesha!

The women he has married are battling it out for the big fat Ram Kapoor… not ‘coz he is too hot to ignore, but that’s what the script demands

Ayesha Ram Kapoor has made it loud and clear to Priya Kapoor – Ram’s first wife and her own big sister – that she has no plans to let go off her hubby or of the title of Kapoor bahu. Stunned by her li’l sister’s bitchy and vicious announcement, Priya gently lets Ayesha down by telling her that she will do whatever Ram wants, never mind what the model-wife would prefer. Guess this will shut the wannabe Mrs main-wife Kapoor up for now…or so we hope. However, it would have been more fun to watch them really fight it out – pushing, shoving, hair pulling, et al, no?

We think they’ve reserved the actual battle for the title of ‘Mrs Ram Kapoor’ for future episodes of Bade Acche Lagte Hain . Once Ram wakes up – which we hear will happen tonight – there’s scope for big drama. Ram Kapoor, in fact, tweeted earlier today, “Don’t worry tweeple!!! I am not in the hospital bed from tonight onwards… The action begins tonight…” So does that mean that Ram and Priya will finally have The Big Talk tonight? What will Ram decide? But will Ayesha let them talk in peace? Or will Priya see that Ram is okay and leave him again, like she did all those years ago? And just like her parents knew that Priya was pregnant, will Ram have known it too? The curiosity is killing us, and we know exactly how all you viewers feel. Let’s hope all this build up and waiting – stretching out of the plot? – is truly worth the while.