BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Rajat Kapur to fall for Priya!

BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Rajat Kapur to fall for Priya!

Yes, we knew it was going to happen, but it still seems unfair

We’ve just heard that Rajat Kapur will develop not-so-antagonistic feelings for Priya Kapoor… oops… Pooja Sharma tonight (July 26). We knew way before the leap occurred that Priya would find love in Rajat’s (Sameer Kochhar) arms, but the way the story has been progressing, we really hoped the makers had changed their minds and decided to ensure a happy reunion between our heroine and her husband, Ram Kapoor. Instead Ram, who is Rajat’s close friend, will urge him to declare his true feelings to Pooja, unaware that she is actually Priya. Darn! Just when we thought Ram and Priya were going to come together.

Oh well, you can’t have a daily soap without complications, right? Especially an Ekta Kapoor show. And what better way to introduce a twist than to do it while promoting your own film? Tusshar Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh will guest star on the show for a special episode to promote Kya Super Kool Hain Hum. And it’s these two comic actors who will light a spark for Priya in Rajat’s heart. While we can’t help but groan at the new twist, we also can’t stop giggling at the comment Ayesha (Chahat Khanna) made in yesterday’s episode. While hinting at starting rumours about her ‘romantic entanglement’ with Tusshar and Riteish, she called them, “India’s two big superstars”. Hmm… wonder what the Khan triumvirate thinks about that one!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • monika harlalka

    i love sony television

    • jara

      i m very upset to see the 26th september episode.because ram kapoor dosen’t accept priya ram kapoor.i feel very bed to see this seen.iwant that priya and ram kapoor get unit again.because i love them when they together.

  • uzairzia

    Sony all drama serial r the best serial

  • zubaria

    this serial bade ache lagte hain is the best

  • sara

    bade ache lagte hain is one of the most glamorous show
    in which i like rajat kapoor n plzzzz
    i like priya with rajat
    sooo make them together

  • nidhi

    I love this serial soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much please continue for long time.
    I love u priya, Ram Kapoor, and pihu soooooooo much

  • preeti

    if priya meets aisha i think she would slap her

  • Omera

    thumps up for rajat sho much cute!!!!!!!!!!!! :****

  • Pekon

    Samir with his wooden expression and Ram with the added kilos
    (and Ekta with her greed) are ruining the show!

  • dean

    have stopped watching it,the audiance it seems has been taken as fools. too many slips b/t cup and lip. not worth it. a better show comes at that time , that has taken the bade… slot in my house.i know even watching it a month later will not take the story ahead. same golu uncle pampering pihoo and her mom going berserk…..

  • Sukhi

    Just want to say to Ekta… Please, just get on with the story and finally get Ram and Priya to meet each other! It is ridiculous how at every opportunity to meet, something happens to separate them again! You created priya’s character to be so honest, real and powerful in the first half… Since the accident and her stupid decision to stay out Ram’s life (the one person she loved truly and fought everything for!!), you keep dragging the story out and making Priya come across so stupid and naive in all her actions and steps. Sort it out please and stop dragging out the suspense sooo much! Also..I don’t know any man who would continue to meet a little 5 year old and give her presents and keep kissing and cuddling her… Without ever meeting her parents or getting their permission for such a relationship to build!! It would be construed in a different way if it wasn’t for the fact that this is suppose to be his daughter! So please sort it out as this has been my favourite show since it started but lately it seems like you think your audience has become stupid! Thanks

  • Princess Galisha

    i love this serial soooooooooooooooooooo much .I like Priya with Rajat soooooooo make them together…………….. priya and rajat i like both of u v v v v v v much…………….

  • Galisha Tahir

    I Love this serial sooooooooooooo much ……………….. priya and rajat i like both of u v v v v v v v v v much<3

  • shbham

    i love this serial soooooooooooooooooooooo much bade ache lagte hain ram and priya sir phhu

  • sowmya

    Yesterday’s 6th september episode really mind blowing.i was really in tears actually i dont cry watching serials but yesterday very emotional one,it might be Karthik and his wife,Priya and her daughter or Ram and his sister.the dialogues were really touching and the real feelings of every human being.thanks to the whole team and great yaar keep it question will Ram and Priya ever meet????????????????

  • nidhi

    usually i don`t like t v serials but i like that serial bade achhe lagte hai .i like sameer kochar,ram,priya, sweet pihhu. i love her( pihhu) voice

  • priya wankhade

    i love this serial soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!
    spcially couple of priya n rajat………..n my sweet cute angel PIHUUUUUUUU……………

  • deeksha

    i never wached such serials but bade aache lagte hai is the first one that i wached. i never thought that rajat will fall for priya but seeing them together is nice. please make them togetheh

  • hi

    i love this serial becuuse ma eysma appni life jete hu