Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Ram and Priya will meet next week!

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Ram and Priya will meet next week!

Television’s favourite lovers will come face to face very soon…next Thursday, in fact!

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for with bated breath is set to arrive next Thursday. If sources are to be believed, after going round and round in circles and coming oh-so-close to bumping into each other, Bade Acche Lagte Hain’s estranged married lovers Ram aka Ram Kapoor and Priya aka Sakshi Tanwar will come face to face.

Tanuj Garg, CEO, Balaji Motion Pictures has confirmed on Twitter that the leading actors will bump into each other soon. “Ekta reveals that ram and priya will meet next week,” he posted. And another birdie in the know told us that it would be Thursday next week.

As things stand at the moment, Ram has finally cleared Priya’s name of all the alleged cheating and fraud cases. And if it was that easy, why didn’t he do it earlier, we cannot help but wonder. So Priya will soon come to India with Rajat Kapur (Sameer Kochar) and Taijaan to look for Kadambari aka Caddy, who has run away after throwing a tantrum, after being disciplined. Rajat now knows that Pooja’s real name is Priya, but he still hasn’t made the connection between her and Ram. Priya has finally learned that her favourite writer Anjaan is in fact her boss Rajat. Guess the makers are using this to pave the way for a romantic link between the two.

So now we expect Ram and Priya to meet in the metropolis of Mumbai – that they did not bump into each other in the fairly limited confines of that mall in Dubai still amazes us, but that is now past. The expected meeting between Ram and Priya will only make the love triangle more interesting, right? Guess everyone’s waiting to see how the two lovers and legally-still-married couple will react when they finally come face to face. Will they be happy, will they be awkward or will the old memories come back to haunt them? In fact, the action might now move back to India.

But we wonder, is Ekta Kapoor just leading us on, and cooking up some evil plans in her creative mind in the meantime? Is this another diabolical twist to keep the viewers hooked? Will it all happen or will we have to wait even longer? What do you think will happen next Thursday, dear readers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Debangibaruah

    OMG! M xo xcitd… I jst hop thz tym Ekta maam dsnt brng ne twst n trn btwn RAM BHAI n SAKSHI DI.. Fngrs crosd…

    • N A Joshi

      Good Ekta I’m in front of the scene now..

  • osaidamjad

    priya raam ko mila dain……
    drama boring ho raha ha

  • subhash

    ran or priya ko mila do jaldi plsss

  • bikky sharma

    plz ram aur priya ko jaldi milo do, drama boring ho jayega agar un dono ka milan nahi ho paya to,,,,,,,,,, so make them to meet faster,,,,,,,,

  • kruthi

    waiting 4 this big movement!!!!

  • kruthi

    no serial is soooooo exciting as this 1.we keep thinking about this serial whole day long.i wish ram n priya will meet each other or else we cant accept this love story…hats off 2 ekta!!!

  • rohi

    when ram n priyas consummation after 6 months of marriage was so sensuous, just imagine how thier union after 5 yrs will be.

  • khushbu modi

    i was wait for priya& Ram meet.please soon meet Them.

    • vibhanshusaini87

      ram or pirya ko jaldi milaye plz,aisa bahut kam hota………

  • Rupa

    agar this week main bhi ram aur priya nehi mile to I will stop watching this serial its becoming bore.yeh serial ka main attraction hair Ram aaur priya ka pyar, aur jagra now pihu bhi hain to please is ko age baraye suspense kamaye

  • durga devi

    priya n ram wil cme closer n they their life beauty

  • chhanda

    The twists are becoming so sickeningly predictable that they fail to surprise altogether! Just as Priya is about to rerveal Ram’s name the doorbell rings… in fact it would’ve surprised us no end if the interruption didn’t occur! The birdbrained scriptwriter is so devoid of ideas that one is tempted to hurl some choicest gaalis.

  • Fahad Ata

    If This Thursday Ram & Priya Nahi Miley To Mein Ye Serial Kabhi Bhi Nahi Dekhungga….Apne Ghar Walo ko Bhi Nahi Dekhne Dungga…..Pls. Ekta Mam In Dono Ram & Priya ko Jaldi Milvaao….



      • MANISHA


  • satheemenon

    all are happy to watch reunion of a loving couple i doubt whether ekta wants to end this show abrubtly. or else what was the need of rajats entry, priyas admiration for him etc.I think ram will meet priya at the time when rajat propose priya then it will be another twist one advise to sakshi after this serial select a man for your real life after all that will only last. viewers will forget every thing in due course after all it is your own life so take a decision and settle down without wasting any more time life is too short live it for yourown sake and not for entertaining others you deserve a good man in your life

  • pooja Arora

    please Ekta Ji Ram aur priya ko mila do other wise serial dekane ka majha nahi arahe. so make them to meet faster its a request

    • vasant

      hi ekta ram aur priya ko kab mila rahi ho.

  • manish

    Love to watch this ram kapoor doing great job :)

  • arti dhadphale

    omg we are eargerly waiting ram n priya to meet.

  • arti dhadphale

    i am happy for ram n priya that they will meet soon

  • osaid

    priya raam ko mila dain……
    drama boring ho raha hai ,,,,,

  • Nikita

    Ektaji ram aur priya ko milado I request….. Fast yar…. Bus abi ram aur priya nahi mile to serial dekhna bandh kar denge ham log

  • Purva

    Ram n priya ko Milao.. Abi bohot hua.. Fast plzz Milao varna ye serial koi nahi dekhega esi hi chala to.. Plz ekta kapoor

  • suma

    pls dont drag the serial…this one everyone sits with family & watch. so pls ekta dont make it boring.

    we want to see it happen.

  • crystal

    ekta pls they both should meet next thursday its my request pls don’t drag the serial

  • Rakhee Banerjee

    I am just long awaited for this moment ….. so its my humble request to u to please make them meet .. n do not drag the episode … anymore .. so that it will make us more interesting to watch it further .. Thanks ..

    • nancy gupta

      please do not drag this serial


    this is v good serial but slow speed baby peehu is very smart lovely…..

  • Shivam Rajput

    pihu ko yad jarur rakh na Ram & piya

  • arun johar

    priya or ram ko milva dyna

    • bilal abbasi

      pihoo you r cute

  • Mary Tuladhar

    babe achhe lagte hai

  • zeeshan ali

    priya our ram ko mila dain vikram our neha ki divoce nai honi chaie we love peehon

    • sheroz

      I love pehu you are cute
      priya aur ram ko milado

  • ruta

    yes i know they must meet but this is ekta’s shopes so must be going new after that

  • marriam

    i love peehoo she is very cuute and please ram aur priya ko milwa do mere exam aa rehe hain..

    • anwar

      ap k exam din ko hote hain maryam searial to rat me h na

  • reena

    Today really Rajat expressing his love for Priya.Seemed very emotional,Really loved it. Kudos!

    At last Ram met Priya but another twist…….!

    I believe Ram should not suffer memory loss as in other serials…..please don’t spoil it.

  • Deepak jain

    Ab jaldi se priya ko family se milwa do with lovely peehu….

  • Nidhi Schandra

    please do early for a good and nice meeting of ram and priya and warn to chudel ayasha to stay away from priya and ram……… i hate her this type of ring to priya in ram’s lifesis, if me is there in place of priya i wil give her a slape………. she must have to do this……plz do change the track of ur seriol and bring to priya in ram’s life

    • dushantgupta

      dear rajit kapoorisfarandsisgoodboy dushant how are you wat you do
      dushant is mobael number call us coming