Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Ram Kapoor bumps into Priya Kapoor tonight!

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Ram Kapoor bumps into Priya Kapoor tonight!

But will their cheeky daughter Pihu spoil this most-awaited moment?

Yup, we’ve talked endlessly about Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar) bumping into each other in Bade Acche Lagte Hain and guessed – Will they? Won’t they? . And guess what, D-day has finally arrived.


Now, according to those blink-and-miss promos of the upcoming episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Pihu Sharma (Amrita Mukherjee), who is presently in Mumbai with her mommy Pooja Sharma aka Priya Kapoor runs into her favourite Golu Uncle aka Ram Kapoor at a wedding. We see a surprised Ram, then a teary eyed Priya, then a gaping Ram looking at Peehu with a silent question mark on his face – ‘Is this my daughter?’ – and then the emotional Mommy nodding in affirmation. That’s it. Full stop.

Now what? Will this family live happily ever after from now on? Or will Priya Kapoor wake up from the dream sequence that it’s invariably going to be…or not? Or will li’l Pihu refuse to accept Golu Uncle as her father and force the estranged husband and wife to separate again?

Tonight’s episode at 10.30pm on Sony Entertainment Television should – fingers crossed – reveal all. But till then, you tell us, readers – what do you think will happen?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • jhanvi

    priya plz come back in rams life plz koi drama mat creat karna ghar aa jana

  • prakash

    dont belief ekta ever untill u saw wat’s going on……..

    • SIDD

      YO….jhaanvi, its a dream for poo.. in seriel thy not meeting

  • varsha choudhary

    ekta ne raya ko milane me itna time lgaya h to itni jldi inko sath thodi rhne degi.. abi bhooooot sari misunderstndings baki h.. abi to sirf dono ek dusre ko dekhege qki PITURE ABI BAKI H MERE DOST.. ekta dono ko itni jldi sath ni kregi abi rajat ka scene b baki h

  • Ayushi

    Bas aaj raya mil jaye.. or fir kbi alag na hooo or kashh kashh 12 march ka epi… jaisa kch aajaye..:P

  • wishy70

    This is Ekta’s serial full of turns & twists, according to my past experience of watching her serials, raya will not reunite that easy…It will take one complete month to see raya under one roof…:(

  • miral shah

    hmm i think they will meet this time as ram kapoor has written on twitter that ” no tricks this time ” so guys lets wait and see this is all we can do …………..

  • Sheetal

    I am such a … Very happy……. Watching a today episod….

  • NKR

    again some twist and turns awaiting ?

  • Parul

    Priya pls come back in ram’s life he loves u alot

  • Sujata manjrekar

    Hi friends this is Ekta kapoor serial jaise sab serial mein hota hai waise hi Priya has to suffer a lot like Ayesha will ask abt Pihu,Where r u after so longgggg time and for Sis married life she sacrifice her love!!!!This twist and Turns will be there for sure!!!

    • Hashmi

      Please priya come back in rams life and I think priya will live peehu and she will go to dubai

  • suman agarwal

    Ekta is making us fool.
    definetly there will be a twist…………

  • Yamini

    Happy to see them meet…but on watching keenly the trailers of next episode i feel Ram’s health may get effected as he was not ready for this, may be shock state.

    If at all everything goes on fine, then i think Priya will sacrifice her life for her sister, she may leave Pihu with Ram and go away from thier life.

    Either ways, i am not ready to accept such twists again in their life :-(

  • ashely

    priya will leave ram for her sister.

  • sonam

    i am very eager 2 see the monday epsiode just thinking whem wil monday cme ad whn 10:30 wil cme soon i just hope nw in this serial theylive hapily ad enjoy some days

  • shama

    I think Ram will faint and have to be taken to the hospital. Aisha will die in a car accident and make way for Priya :-) Or…. This will all be Ektaa’s ‘dream drama’ and everything will become clear in the light of day when Priyas eyes open! lol

  • Esha Agarwal


    ye show to gaya….

  • Neha

    They must live happily togater forever, otherwise the serial would be a flop

  • mansi

    i think they should live happily but this will not happen becoz ram has got a attack and is hospitalized becoz of the shock that priya is not dead and pihhu is his daughter aur jab voh hosh mei aayega toh he will lost his memory or will become mental …………..but according to me they should live happily ………love u both ram and priya……….

  • Minnie

    Balh is becoming very boring now a days.looks like priya and ram are never going to be togather again. So not worth watching so late in the night.