Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Ram Kapoor or Pawan Shankar, who died last night?

It was a hysterical night as Mona Singh and Priya Kapoor are protected by the men who matter most to them, in the maha-episode blending Bade Acche Lagte Hain and Kya Huaa Tera Vaada

It was Ekta Kapoor at her almost-best. A maha-episode combining Bade Acche Lagte Hain and Kya Huaa Tera Vaada, stretched over a couple of days, this one was merry chaos at its complicated best. And it had everything – blood, tears, dry ice smoke, passion, party, dress up, declarations of love and, binding it all with the glue that would make Karan Johar very happy indeed – family.

It all started with a lady Anushka Sarkar (Mouli Ganguly) with a gun and an enormous chip on her shapely shoulder, vamping Pradeep Singh away from his wife Mona Singh (played, with astonishing coincidence, by Mona Singh), but who does not live happily ever after with him. Demons from the past and her own present boo her at every twist of the plot, as do the audience, and finally Mouli wants out of the soap. As an exit strategy, Balaji Telefilms has come up with a doozy. The obviously unstable Anushka starts off on her very own shooting spree; so far, one stout lady and an unsuspecting liftman are dead, and others might follow. At a party where all the usual suspects…err…victims are gathered, revelations are being made and undercurrents flow strong and fast, all in silence; Anushka threatens to shoot Mona, who is not in the room, but has been pushed out to call the police by Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar) of Bade Achhe…, who just met Mona a few minutes earlier. The lady with murder on her mind then grabs Shipra Sharma, Priya’s mother, and threatens to shoot her – which we would be happy with, since she is one of the most irritating characters ever to wear bling on a soap. So Priya offers herself up as a substitute warm body to be killed instead, thus saving her mother.

Now that leads to even more fun. Anushka asks if she should shoot Priya, who is rather puzzled by that question. Rajat Kapur (Samir Kochhar) goes into a tizzy, rushing to save Priya and confessing his feelings for her in the funniest speech we have heard in ages – ‘She has taught me about living life, about love, I love her’ – Ram Kapoor (played by, yes, Ram Kapoor) stands there open mouthed, as does Priya, both presumably mesmerised by their friend’s eloquence. We giggle. Suddenly, in a blur of movement and dramatic music, Ram grabs Anushka’s gun, tries to wrestle it from her and gets shot instead. There is this wonderful moment of shocked silence, a close up of the blood-bag in Ram’s jacket pocket bursting and much hysterical screaming from Priya. We giggle some more. Anushka runs out, sees Mona in the corridor, and after a brief speech, shoots at her. Both she and Mona have their eyes closed and – giggle giggle – Pradeep lies writhing on the floor with blood artistically pooled on his chest.

Cut – after some more hysteria – to the hospital. Ram is out of danger and more concerned about his lawsuit for his daughter Pihu’s custody than his own state of health. Priya is hanging about wringing her hands and being silly. Mona is doing the great farewell scene to a practically-declared-dead Pradeep. And, much to our astonished delight, Anushka is wandering around the streets of western Mumbai dressed in a long pale pink gown that has no blood splashed on it and in shoes that keep changing, talking to herself, and trying to ditch her clutch bag that has the gun in it.

And it all comes together again, we are cheerfully told, at the hospital tonight, when Anushka and Mona sit vigil over a possibly-recovering Pradeep. Both women love him, Mona says, and wait….and we giggle again.