Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Ram Kapoor or Priya Kapoor – whose side are you on?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Ram Kapoor or Priya Kapoor – whose side are you on?

Our hearts aren’t really melting at the sob situation that Priya Kapoor has created for herself, but how long will husband Ram remain angry? And will he really manage to take beti Pihu away?

Five years ago on Bade Acche Lagte Hain Priya took the decision of leaving Ram and going away so that he could move on with his life. Like that was ever going to happen! And now the lady who was – and still seems to be – a damsel in distress has returned to India for good, but Ram is not in the mood to forgive, forget or let bygones be bygones. He is now planning to file for sole custody of their daughter Pihu and keep his estranged wife away from the li’l one for at least five years – as long as Priya had been ‘dead’, in fact. Tit for tat seems to be Ram’s policy.

So who will win this battle? We thought, with all the wealth and power at Ram’s disposition, Priya may be fighting an already lost case, but her knight in shining armour Rajat Kapoor steps in to save the day. Woohoo! For the sake of his love, Rajat has decided to go against his best friend and boy, do we love it! The business tycoon has definitely won a few brownie points from us and perhaps from the never-to-be-his ladylove with this one.

And now we wonder what’s cooking in Ram’s head. ‘Golu Uncle’ – now ‘Papa’, as he is fondly called by Pihu- has made it very clear that he wants his daughter all to himself. And anyone who comes in his way or thinks that he is wrong can go take a hike, he insists. He has asked his friends to pick which side they want to be on and commanded his family to choose between him and Priya where their sympathies are concerned. At this rate, we wonder how he will react when Pihu tells him that she cannot live without her mother, which we are sure will happen soon enough. What will they all do then? Replacing Priya with Ayesha cannot be a solution, as we all know – after all, that was a marriage of convenience to cover up for the model’s illegitimate child with Ram’s stepbrother Sid and actually, legally speaking, Ram and Priya are still married….phew! Talk about complicated!

While the father–daughter bonding thing does have its ‘awww’ flavour, how long do the makers of the show plan to stretch out the battle? The current situation is no fun at all, and we’d really like to knock some sense into Ram. So would the viewers, we know. So you tell us: Whose side will you be on in this battle? Ram’s or Priya’s?

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  • Satyajay Mandal

    the family must be united

  • anusha goyal

    i am dissatisfied with ram’s decission and want that he should forget all the pain give to him by priya and should take her back home happily……please…

  • silvia tambe

    We really want Ram & Priya to meet as Priya was not keen in Ram’s wealth, she only luv Ram & Ram only compared to Ayesha. Ayesha only know to do shopping and live as if it is her own property. She is not at all keen for Ram and how Ram is telling that it is all about his wife Ayesha. We really getting angry with Ram’s behaviour towards Priya. We luv u both yaar. Please we want Ram & Priya together.

  • pralhad

    please mr ram, you should forget all the pain give to him by priya and please take her back to home.
    LOVE YOU PIHU… love you ram

  • renu

    Fact of life; people move on and life goes on. However, true love shines in the end. So, this is a test for ram and priya on how strong is their love. The victim here is peehu, who out of no fault of hers is in the middle of a bitter situations between her parents.
    Shipra, get a life woman, you are a mother and how can you chose between both of your daughters just for money and fame?
    Ayesha, sorry, you seriously have no acting skills and are not convincing in the role of a vamp. Too fickle and honestly doesn’t seem to know her real stand.

  • dipak

    I think this story line is getting silly. A man who knew how to love because of Priya and lived for her is without sense. No court in this world would allow sole custody to a father when a mother has brought a child up. Joint custody I would accept but not sole custody. Priya should just leave for Dubai and marry Rajat, who obviously cares for her. It would be hard to get custody in the Dubai courts. I for one have lost interest in this serial.

  • naga rajeswari

    nuvu nachavu
    nateka maku malli veyende

  • Badeachhelagtehai

    Why is ram behaving like this :(
    Will they ever end up together :(

  • Kartik

    I am with Priya in this issue.
    Completely inhuman to separate a mother and a child for his own ego. Ram needs to grow up, talk and sort differences rather than going on a hurting Priya spree.
    I now feel Priya should settle with Rajat who loves her more than this certain Mr. Kapoor. Rajat is standing by Priya despite knowing that she loves Ram. That’s what love is Mr. Kapoor not the one that you claim.

  • kashish lamba

    why is ram behaving like this. this is a good show coming on tv. aayesha is doing with her bigger sister like this such silly.

  • satheemenon

    episode dated 9th was rubbish what is it divorce without any reasonmere waste of time i doubt whether shipra is real mother or step niharika was far better ekta please remove shipra,ayeesha and mamaji from the serial the show will run with priya, pihu, rajat and caddy rajat loves priya than ram ram is very selfish idiot he cares about himself his comforts status, etc, a normal human being will be happy to see his wife alive here he is bothered about his daughter not wife

  • aditi

    priya try talk mr.ram but succes.what ever she do only for ram so ram cannot blam to priya.i love both of them.



  • Melanie