BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Ram Kapoor to wed Priya’s sister?

BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN: Ram Kapoor to wed Priya’s sister?

That’s Ekta Kapoor’s plan for the pre-leap storyline. Are you excited?

You commented, you cried and you ranted against Bade Acche Lagte Hain taking a leap, but Ekta Kapoor has decided to stick to her original plan. Our li’l birdie tells us that the show’s storyline will jump forward by about five years and see both Ram Kapoor and Priya Sharma Kapoor married to other people. The hunt is on for an actor to play Priya’s new husband, but there are no such worries about Ram’s new wife. You may want to take a deep breath and fortify yourself for this…

Ram’s second wife will be…hold your breath… Priya’s sister Ayesha! Shocked? We were when we heard it, then realised we shouldn’t be. It’s an Ekta Kapoor show, after all! If dead men can turn up alive again and great-grandmothers can outlive the oldest person in the country, then the hero marrying his ex-sister-in-law is hardly extraordinary, right? Especially when he does it out of a sense of duty.

Apparently, Ram’s stepbrother Sid gets Ayesha pregnant and then breaks off his relationship with her. Ram, the softie that he is supposed to be, wants to do right by Ayesha and marries her. The logic fails us, but we’ll wait to see whether the writers can be convincing. Ram’s second marriage will last longer than his first. Post the leap, he and Ayesha will be shown parenting a toddler.

This trite twist to the storyline has disappointed us. When Ekta launched Bade Acche last year, she had promised it would be a different, “mature love story”. Viewers loved it and quickly pushed it to the top of the charts. Then she introduced her formulaic scheming mother-in-law, made her characters behave immaturely (Priya was petulant, to say the least) and ruined the essence of the show. Its ratings started to fall and all Ekta’s desperate attempts – except for the consummation scene between Ram and Priya – to revive BALH failed. The planned wedding and the leap will sadly make Bade Acche another one of those ‘typical Ekta Kapoor shows’. Haven’t we seen this happen already in Kyunki… Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii?

We can’t really blame Ekta. Ratings of Pavitra Rishta and Kya Hua Tera Vaada are falling too. She desperately needs a hit and what better way to get one than by using the same tricks that kept her flagship shows on top? We only hope Ekta doesn’t include a consummation scene between Ram and Ayesha. Ram fumbling in bed once again will be just too much. Don’t you think so?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • N Srinivasan

    The producer will be doing a harakiri if the story is diverted. Uttaran is best example. Let her concentrate in the step mothers” banda foding instead of allowing the divorce and priya coming out of the story.

  • tullika

    BALH dead with this story line father like figure is marrying daughter like figure. Let us all mourn on the death of BADE Achche Lagte Hain as no RAM PRIYA as loving husband wife no matlab of BADE ACHCHE LAGTE HAIN. And sincere advice to dearestRAM KAPOOR and most loving SAKSHI TANWAR to quit the show appeal from all the fans of RK and ST.We will forget about BALH for ever. Sad demise of beautiful begning before it blossomed it is dying.Ekta loves spreading tears.

  • Sumira Bhutra


    • karamjit

      yes you are right why ram will marry ayesha and get separated from priya :(

  • Samira Dsouza

    hmmmmm yes id indeed the ratings have gone down but not interseted in bade ache lagte hai m morte intersted in Pavitra rishta i bet the ratings are goin down but can somebody tell ekta that after the leap we are more interseted in ajun purvi tha in the oldies the 23rd may episded wa f***** as they just showed romance between the oldies we are genuinely notunterested and yes can you tell archan tostop overacting in her scxenes she couldnt remove her cothes from the cupbord but have no idea how in this world was she able to change her saree……….

  • karamjit

    #RIPBALH balh ka bera garak its horrible


    aap ka yee siriyal mere pure pariwar ko bahot pasand hay…..
    WE————-LIKE—-my all members

    • Sheetal


  • lakhi

    it’s really disgusting, Kekta Kapoor shows her true colour, but if it’s will happen than i will definitely quit 4m this show

  • NS

    We certainly dont want another ‘Bold and the Beautiful’. Husband marrying sister-in-law, sister-in-law marrying father-in-law and so and so forth. Its an interesting story, ram and priya look good together and they havent even been together that long that you would want ram to marry his sister-in-law.

    Gawd — pl help us – who would want to watch the serial??

  • JUJU

    Why should Ram will marry ayesha and get separated from priya. Story is about Love between between Ram and Priya, then why there should be “Kabbab mai Haddi”.
    If this happens the TRP for this serial will come down to ZERO. today even my MIL is watching with full interest, but after this nobody will watch.
    So Ekta Please don’t do this

  • ashveen

    why should ram and priya be seperated

  • Sheetal bhalerao

    Bade acche……. Muje bhot psand hai, pehle nuts ke waje serial borring ho gai, or ab ye ram or ayesha ki shadi soan ke hi serial muje bhot bhot borring laga rahi hai,
    ekta kapoor tum pagal ho gai ho kya kuch bhi serial ki story bana rahi ho,
    muje ithna gussa a raha hai ki ye sa lag raha hai ki tum ko jor say ek thapd laga oo……. Balaji style me.

  • Devika

    Yes, ye bilkul bhi thik nahi hai RAM and PRIYA are made for each other and leap i can’t imagine…plz ekta don’t do this…plzz

  • Priyanka sarkar

    the story is about ram n priya marriage life not about there seprtion n aayesha n ram chhhiiii serial to gayi ekta dimag ka jyada estemal mat karo ek happy simple n sobber story bhi ho sakti hai over mat karo pl …

  • Avee

    This would be disgusting.. I would quit watching and many others.. grrrrrrrrrr

  • NS

    Prmitive thinking that Ram has to marry sis-in-law. Wake up – the world has changed 360 deg. There are plenty of solutions available to get out of situations. The serial is about Ram and Priya – how a middle aged man gets married to a grown up woman from a humble backgroud and the values. It would surely be stupid and silly to watch the show should that happen. The show will die its natural death like many others thanks to inane and insane story line. Wake up Ms Ekta and give us a matured serial. tx

  • khushboo

    agar ram aur priya alag hue to , thori bhuhot jo trp bachi hai voh bhi nhi rahegi .

  • Bhakti

    Pls…. Ekta ji I request you pls aysa mat Karoo pls aap ek happy story bhi to dikha sakti hei na I love ram and priya

  • nuthana

    plz don du dz ekta. balh z gng in a gud track y u guyz r spoilin it. u tld ull show luv btwn ram n priya dn y ru gvin break fr dr luv stry. i thought dy bth r maturd n vl solve d prob in maturd way. bt i think dey r creatin new probs by marryin wd som1 else

  • preee

    pl ekta kabhi to kisiki pairing thik se constant rakho tabhi tumhare serial chalenge pl ram n priya ki pairing mat todo kuch aur socho kyu apna serial band karva rahi ho bakvas stories mat do simplisity do behen pl

    • savi

      itne comment do ki ekta ko thodi akkal aa jaye

  • jjpp

    pls do not separate ram and priya .

  • shilpa

    since the story line is going to be like this… IM GOING TO STOP WATCHING IT.

  • RHEA


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  • ann


  • Sumira Bhutra

    PLS.NO LEAP NO SEPERATION.JAB RAYA KE BICH ITNI GAHARA PYAR DIKHAYA HAI TAB WOH KISI AUR SE SAADI KAISE KAR SAKTE HAIN.EKTA PYAR KO MJAK NAHI BNAO.I have been watching this serial since the car accident scene ever since I have got edicted to this serial,this i believe was the best thing Ekta Kapoor could have done to T.V serial,when they showed Ram and Priya getting married it so nice to see them together,I really love Sakshi she is so simple yet so eligant you can relate to her as you could to the girl next door,so nice and simple yet so eligent and sophisticated even as a character she is play in BALH why should something so bad as separation happen to her and even worse what are you trying to show Ram as real god or something will he not do justice to Priya by marrying her sister?Priya is clearly shown madly in love with Ram so why something so cheap as she marrying some one else———ekta please open your eyes——Sakshi please respond—–I feel really depressed when I see Ram and Priya separated even for a day— a person should learn from previous mistakes.Ekta aapki creative team apse khunas nikal rahi hai —-trust me on that Ican give you much better ideas for future episodes keeping the two charaters image in mind———spare my Sakshi and my Golu—-Ilove them both.Mata rani apko sadbuddhi de ekta. Isall pray Oh God forgive her as she does not know what she is doing—–separating 2 lovers?

  • kinnari

    Pls Ekta dnt do this. It is a gr8 story ri8 nw pls dnt make it lyk the previous ones. Atleast try 2 thnk sumthng new nd innovative. This is my fav serial pls dnt spoil it dis way

    • Aps

      Please don’t do this… plzzzzzzzz…..

      • priyanka

        this is very bad news ,my one of the favorite serial because of priya and ram love ,if this is going to change then no one is going to watch this ,please ekta don’t do this

        • Ritika

          I think Ekta Kapoor has gone nuts. She is spoiling the rhythm of the storyline in a complete way. I am surprised that such senior actors have no say in the serial story. leap is fine..but the leap can be moved to the next level of both Ram & Priya together and Ayesha also moving ahead in her life and learning from her mistake. WHY SEPARATE RAM & PRIYA?? It is important for EKTA KAPOOR to show all cheapness is her shows???

  • padma

    ekta is useless ,uske nam mein ekta hain lekin uske nature logoon ke ghar ko todna aur dil ko todna hain ek din uske saath real life drama ho jayega ppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssssssssss ekta stop writting serials and media stop telecasting her serials so that we public can watch new and best serials

  • dbhatt

    dEAR Ekta ,
    You will be ruinning your whole show and trp’s it is a request plzz make it more simple let ram and priya come together good has to win over bad and niharika is now of no use as all know how she has trapped let good things happen bring goad bharai of priya it is request of all your bade acchhe lagte hain fans . thanks plz give it a thought.

  • mona

    bad thinking it will bring down the TRP and we don’t feel like watching serial anymore the charm of BALH is priya and ram together not apart, I don’t why EKTA always ruin the story line of beautiful serials ,

  • mona

    bad thinking it will bring down the TRP and we don’t feel like watching serial anymore the charm of BALH is priya and ram together not apart, I don’t know why EKTA always ruin the story lines of beautiful serials ,

    think twice

  • malu

    oh….. god….plz don’t do’s one of my fav show.what’s
    she thinking abt the people?u think we r mad.the story is going very well. dont kill it…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sabina Kadam

    BHLH’s gist is Ram and Priya if Ram n Pria are no more Ram n Priya…show will lose it magic. If it happens m sure it will be a dead show.

  • Bharti

    Plz dont do this ekata mama i love ram kapoor and i also like to see that they r together

  • bharti mehta

    this is very bad news ,my one of the favorite serial because of priya and ram love ,if this is going to change then no one is going to watch this ,please ekta don’t do this.if Ram n Pria are no more Ram n Priya…show will lose it magic. If it happens m sure it will be a dead show. I don’t know why EKTA always ruin the story lines of beautiful serials.

  • kalpana

    its the worst part if such a thing happens.we thought it is something different and gud with not much negative things.plz dont make ram marry to anybody else.

  • misty

    dear EKTA,
    PpppppLlllllZzzzzz don’t do this. It’s my and my husband’s only one fav show. plz don’t make RAM marry to anybody else.

  • koulini sridhar

    dear ekta and her creative team,
    Its good that there is a leap in show it will brng a pace to show but dont show such changes in the serial that cant be digested just in the name of taking leap or for freshness.

  • Sumira Bhutra

    KYA EKTA KO MATURE LOVE KA MATLAB PTA HAI.PLS NO LEAP NO DIVORCE NO SEPERATION.SHOW KO BAND KARNA CHAHO TO KAR DO PAR RAYA KO ALAG MAT KARO.SHOW BADA ACHA LAGTA HAI SIRF RAYA KE SATH HONE SE Plz dont spoil the show Ekta, seriously its going on so well, Its absolutely nonsense and i think the TRP of the show will go down…. Its just nt rite, i think that Ram n Priya should come back together, that will be good for the serial. If this does not happen, i think most of the people will stop watching it.JO PATI-PATNI EK – DUSRE SE ETNA PYAR KARTE HAIN WOH KISI AUR SE SHADI NAHI KAR SAKTE.

  • Sumira Bhutra

    KYA EKTA KO MATURE LOVE KA MATLAB PTA HAI.PLS NO LEAP NO DIVORCE NO SEPERATION.SHOW KO BAND KARNA CHAHO TO KAR DO PAR RAYA KO ALAG MAT KARO.SHOW BADA ACHA LAGTA HAI SIRF RAYA KE SATH HONE SE Plz dont spoil the show Ekta, seriously its going on so well, Its absolutely nonsense and i think the TRP of the show will go down…. Its just nt rite, i think that Ram n Priya should come back together, that will be good for the serial. If this does not happen, i think most of the people will stop watching it.JO PATI-PATNI EK – DUSRE SE ETNA PYAR KARTE HAIN WOH KISI AUR SE SHADI NAHI KAR SAKTE.

  • Silvia tambe

    We really dont like the idea of ram and priya second marriage and that too with priya sister. it is not sensible at all. duniya mei eisa hi hota, but to show it is not acceptable to us. Separation ki baat teekh thi but ram marrying priya sister. jabki ram and priya both luv each other so deeply. Lagta hai wohi purana rag start hui ekta ka. Geet hui sabse parayee was really a promising programme we really miss that story and the chemistry. Priya aur Ram ka bhi chemistry achi but what ekta is doing really madness, no one will watch BALH. Please ekta change the track. What rubbish.


    as of now d serial is going in well….and plz dont mess up d story wit ram getting married to ayesha and priya to other guy….ram and pirya really rock d serial dont break dem up…alredy seril’s trp is reduced dont reduce it still more by ur 5yr leap story…try to work out on niharika…so dat she is thrown out of house soon

  • Anju

    This is the most stupid turn for the serial. There is MAGIC when Priya & Ram are together. Don’t spoil it n break the spell. The logical story forward is Niharika’s true colors, emotional turmoil of Ram n priya, their rebonding & how they take their life forward when all good people of family stay together while bad ones (Niharika, mama, sid etc) are left with nothing and try to come in tuerms with it. Let Priya’s sis learn from mistake & MOVE ON IN LIFE….

  • ritu

    If suppose Ram marrying ayesha is justified that he wants to save sharma family…how can priya get married to somebody else and how can it be shown that they live happily in their new life…totally absurd story.

    But what i feel is whatever we comment the writers, director or producer is least bothered. They dont respect our words. When i heard about the leap and ram marryin ayesha from that day i stopped watchin BALH. I felt it is just waste of time watchin that serial.
    Till viewers choice not listened why watch serial??

  • Daisy

    Its tooo disgusting ekta!how can u separate such a beautiful couple?serial has won hearty of many nd u r spoiling da image dnt do dat.dnt separate pe wo scene dekha to mere saase jaise ruk gai.priya apni beti ke sath.. Jo mod zindegiko narak banade wo mod kyu? Ey turn zaruri nahi hai.i want2c dem close,pyar dekhna chahti hu dono mein.itna ganda saluk kyu kar rahe ho ekta.4 gods sake stop it,mat karo i beg u.e serial mann ko bohath relax karta ey relaxnes mat cheeno..god ki marziyoko life me to nahi badal sakte,lekin serial me to acha ho sakta aisa mat apne life me bohath kho chuki hu.ey serial dekh ke rahath milta hai..mere bhi marriage unwilingly huwe nd halat aise aaye ke hum ek din hi milke rahe..ey serial dekh ke lagta hai meri khabooki life vaapas agayi hai.mera life to adhura hai serial ke scenes bardash karne ki taaquat nahi hai mujh me.mera sapna math todo ekta beg u infinity

  • neetu

    hopeless????? she is………………

  • rahul

    leap hona chahiye par story mein ye twist toh bilkul nhi hona chahiye afterall tv and their stories are related wid real life too…or aise twist k baad toh hajmola bi kaam nhi kr payega boss..!

  • Puja

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! WHY did you people start this show and make it so wonderful in the beginning??? DONT YOU UNDERSTAND, RAM AND PRIYA BELONG TOGETHER. FOREVER. ALWAYS. we have asked and requested and requested and requested to not take a leap and to NOT SEPERATE RAM AND PRIYA. We have fallen in love with them. YOU WILL RUIN THIS BEAUTIFUL SHOW. YOU ARE ALREADY RUINING IT. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Again and again, we said we DO NOT WANT RAM AND PRIYA TO GET SEPERATED. AT ALL!!!! WATCHING THEM TOGETHER, WATCHING THEM BEING IN LOVE, IS HEART-MELTING AND AMAZING.

    How ridiculous is a seperation? and a leap?? that’s ridiculous too. and RAM MARRYING AYESHA???? and PRIYA MARRIYING SOMEONE ELSE??? You have crossed the line. There is a limit, and you have crossed it. The team clearly does not understand that we DONT WANT ANY LEAPS, ANY SEPERATION!!!!

    You shouldn’t even have made this show if you wanted to ruin it. This one year that it’s been on was AMAZING. And now you are just ruining it. THANKS A LOT FOR GETTING US ADDICTED AND THANKS A LOT FOR RUINING THE SHOW. IT WAS MAGICAL AND BRILLIANT AND DIFFERENT THAN ALL OTHER SHOWS, we were excited that we would get something different to watch, BUT THANKS A MILLION. NO NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW ANYMORE. IT IS DISAPPOINTING. We need someone different making these shows and not your creative team. THANKS A LOT FOR RUINING THIS SHOW.

  • priya

    wat yar plzzzzz be mature enough ekta kapoor
    have some sence …
    dnt make it a flop end

  • Murty

    Dear Ekta,

    Please don’t ruin the story and show. Try to do different but don’t repeat the stories of Kyun Ki Saas… or your other old shows.

  • Sushma Gaikwad

    Very bakwas twist, that’s the reason i hate serials, they don’t want to stop any where, paise mil rahe hai toh story badhao, kuch bhi twist dalte hai. this show was my very favorite but when i read this twist i don’t want to watch this show now.. very very bakwas, Ram Kapoor have another brother also, they can show Ayesha’s marriage with him. Ram or Priya both looks together very nice like made for each other, some times serials touch our heart,every time don’t think about TRP and money, ek touching serial banao yar please, Aise bakwas twist mat dalo.. jiska koi logic he nahi hai.. isese serial bananewale ki respect nahi rehati.

  • pritika

    bakwas….this leap will make the show a big flop

    • RUCHI

      A mature love story will become totally immature.

  • gitashree bokalial

    what a bakwaas! Dnt repeat kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi n kahani ghar ghar ki. Dnt make such a stupid serial

    • Diya

      There is only one way to stop this treatment towards us viewers. Let us all stop watching BALH if the so called creative team is going to bring stupid twists and leaps that does not suit the storyline like Ram priya remarriage etc.

      Let us be unite in boycotting this show and they can do all the twists and turns in the scripts and show it and no one will be watching… next thing, they will be packed off… that would serve them better for FOOLING us viewers and playing with our EMOTIONS.


  • spaneru

    this is really stupid! BALH takin turn? woo less viewers then! bring on smthing extra..nt like those typical saas bahu serials! :/

  • holland

    The first serial I’ve watched from Episode 1. Just love it. Very disappointed in the way things are turning out. Ram has finally begun trusting a woman. He’s hopelessly in love with Priya. He stopped eating when she left him for a few days. Priya is also madly in love with Ram. She told Ram her day begins with him and ends with him. If, God forbid, he falls sick, she will be there for him. They both trust each other completely, they make deals and promises and stick to them. Together they have overcome difficulties throughout the serial. They have even decided to have a “bacha”. That’s what is missing in their lives. Such a loving and beautiful build up – and now a divorce (or separation).

  • pallavi

    if leap will be taken, then the serial will be so boring. plz ekta dont do this kind of stupidity.

  • vijaya

    Its too bad if the story becomes like this. Till the date we are seeing the serial with anxity and with so much of interest but this goes in such a manner like ram marring other and priya to someone,,,,, …….. its really bad and we dont feel like watching further. Please ekta dont do like this its my request.

  • Rahul

    if really Ram marries Ayesha, I will be the at the top of list to stop watching the show. Period !!!

  • Pawan


    My family and I watch the serial together, if ram marries priya’s sister for sure all the oldies will stop watching for sure and youngster might take relationship for granted. So plz Ekta madam, dont lose the show….

    Seeing ram and priya cuddle and cozy love between them, may relation are getting better.


      IT IS WRONG.

  • Rohan Burah

    Well, Strange things do happen in life. To help Ayesha out of shame , Ram may get married to her. After all it was his step – brother who put her in trouble. But who is the Little toddler, who is shown with Priya and has Ram’s characters. Is this little girl fathered by Ram. How come the are separated for 3-4 years. Let us wait and see. And by the way why can;t Natasha tell Ram that her mother wanted Priya and and Ram separated to own the Kapoor family wealth. ??

  • Savita

    Well no leap no second marriage pls serial is now good track pls cont. with same otherwise we stop watching

  • Dipanjan

    What is this yarr?Aap kisike ghar basane ke liye kisise rista tod doge kya?Hum ye show isliye dekhte hain,kyuki isme nayi soch hain.Par ye kaunsa style hain haa?See I am a student.Aur meri mom-dad vi yeh show dekhti hain.Ye ab hamare liye bas ek serial nehi h.Now it becomes owr life dahmed.And you can’t play with our feelings like this.ok,now i am going to take a major desicion.agar aap is show ko is mor par laoge to hum yeh serial nehi dekhenge.hum vi toh dekhe ki hamare bina ap kya ho.

    fndz,apmese jo vi mere sath ho,plz coming monday se yeh show mat dekhna.and plz,jo bhi mere sath hain,ap sab mujhe reply karna.UNITED WE STAND,DEVIDED WE FALL..remember dis always..



  • Dipanjan

    I love you so much priya. kamsekam aap hamare feelings ke sath mat khelo. leave dis serial.

  • Isha

    This is stupid if Ram is supposed to marry Ayesha. Why can’t Rishab marry her? or better yet, if Natasha can abort her baby, why can’t she? Ram DOES NOT HAVE TO MARRY HER JUST BECAUSE SHE IS PREGNANT. This makes no sense. I will stop watching the show if anything happens to Ram and Priya’s relationship. Anything bad and this show will become a history for me. and This is the only Indian show I used to watch with interest.
    That’s it Ekta. listen to us and don’t do anything stupid with Ram and Priya.

    • rajeev

      Totally agreed

  • Atul

    Don’t do this non sense thing with this serial…

    And I also want to say to all viewers to stop to see this serial.

    I don’t want to say anything to Ekta..

    Because see do what she want . .

  • ankur jain

    i hate u ekta kapoor and i promised u that if u will do it i mean ram weds ayesha and priya weds any guy? then i promised u i will never see your serials and this thought is not of mine only this thought is millions on the people because none of the serials making by u has been populated such as bade achhe lagte hain and what u doing now?????? think and do then anything…….. but plzzz dont do that plzzzzzzzz

  • amrit

    if this is true …… i am going to stop seeing this serial…

  • bia shahid

    ram aisa hargiz nhi kar sakta hia….. tm priya ko kaisay chor saktay hoo agar aisa hoa to hum log drama nhi dekhien gay….

  • See a

    As the show is progressing, it is becoming one of the sas bahoo, conspiring relatives serial. The creative team is trying to boost the trps by killing priya and may be will resurface her again. There is no logic now in this serial. The mature love story is taking place of bakwaas story. I am going to stop watching this serial, though it was the only serial I watched.


    i am going to stop watching this serial

  • nitin


  • nitin


  • ayesha

    really please don’t come up wid dis twist now…..ppl would nt lyk dis..n ultimately dey’l leave watchin it!!!please don’t seprate ram n priya….let them b togther…n try to show smthik sense one……ayesha is lyk ram’s doughter age!!!cant see her with ram!!!!please don’t make it spoil story!!!


    show will be boring

  • daisy

    plz Ekta don’t break the jodi of Ram & priya.u can do Ayesha’s marriage wid Rishab.Please don’t break the beautiful jodi.i think if u will make marriage of Ram and Ayesha then all will stop watching this serial.

  • Bhakti

    Hi,ekta di and happy birthday…. Bahut let ho gaya na wish karne me sorry but… Ye aap kya kar rahi ho show me please aysa mat karo please ram aur priya ko alag mat karo i love this jodi very much pata hei mere liye ye sirf ek show nahi hei meri life hei please aysa mat karo……..:(:|

  • Sarfaraz

    Plzzz plzzz plzzz Ekta dnt do like this. Plzzz dnt break their jodi.
    Here at our place everyone is watching that serial & m sure all will get dissapointed…& all will stop watching tht serial .
    Plzzzz do smthing different….)

  • deepanwita garai

    plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz Ekta Kapoor dont dreak the jodi…………

    • pappu

      She will nt listen as she always say if u dont like my shows than dont watch

  • unknown

    i think audience should stop watching this nonsense now and it is not because of emotions that priya is going jail and ram will be alone but story is all about playing with seeda sadha people who r watching this serial. i mean three people can keep on watch on everyone at home, office and beyond that but no-one can do that with just three people. for such a crucial case there is no one spying sid. natasha is always shown smart and when it is inside court she could not talk anything about kidnapping and her mom. does madam ekta kapoor think that everyone is fool. I am stopping watching this serial today onwards as no more nonsense please.

    • pappu

      I agree with u eavan i will stop wacthing d show coz of this flop twist of ektha ji serial r all flop i was watching that coz of Saakshi Tanwar she is too good bt i cant watch it now

  • Piya Sen

    Iam writing on behalf of a hudge section fof BALH viewers.
    The 18th June night episode was the last episode we watched. Thank u Ms. Ekta Kapoor for destroying a watchable and enjoyable serial. You have proved that ‘Evil’ triumphs over evil and that to,without any logic. What do you take the viewrs for…idiots… morons ? In fact we think the writers who are scripted the last few episodes are.Do you think the veiwers will chew anything you give them on their plates?And whats this about a leap and Ram marrying Ayesha ? Disgusting!
    Ram with anyone else but Priya is unacceptable.Do you imply that the existing love between them is only skin-deep ?Give your weird imagination a rest, please.What happend to your
    promises of exposing Niharika and her gang ?
    Anyway, I am thankful that I will now watch other serials and I sincerely pray that TRP of BALH goes down so much that you will be forced to go off the air

  • Angry Viewer

    Ms. Ekta Kapoor. You are surely going with the times !!!
    Evil, however evil and illogical will win over goodness. Is this the message you are trying to give to your viewers? A great example to the society !!! In your quest to make a megaserial you seem to resort to anything, logical or illogical, always negative. Why cant you think of nice positve , enjoyable episodes and not like the turn BALH has taken. Where all the evils are getting away scott free. And even the personalities are changing to facilitate the ‘baddies’. At this rate ,the END of BALH is not far. Suit yourself and loose your viewers.

  • Priya mishra

    plzzzz ekta stop all the nonsence in the serial if not nobody is going to watch this serial

  • mahi

    if ram & priya will be seprate in b.a.l.h i’ll not seeing the serial in future. they both are power of the serial they will not be separate.

  • Whats in a name

    A 4 year leap! Ram marrying Ayesha !! How ridiculous can it get !!! As if the current turn is not ridiculous enough.The entire group of friends will not watch B.A.L.H fron tonite.It is an insult to our intellegence.
    Please put some sense into your heads and turn the serial around again to an intellegent, enjoyable, logical and positively charged serial.

  • ritu

    Hi Ekta,dont be so inhuman.Ram nd Priya are the souls of the serial.if u want to drag it show seperation nd let Rishabh marry Ayesha and keep the options open for Ram and Priya to meet again and prove that their love is true rather than making Ram and Priya marry someone else and spoiling the true love that was shown to us.after a long day I used to wait for this show,Iknow u dont care if anyone stops watching this show.make the viewers happy and let the interest remain.

  • varnika tiwari

    grow up ekta hw many times u will show the same story in all of yr serials….show smthng new atleast we all got bored of watching the same stories like kasauti,kyunki,kahin to hoga,kasam se…..etc…. plz dnt seperate ram nd priya do ayesha get married ti rishabh……….plz….we all wnt to see ram nd priya togthr nd really dnt knw why u always make two sisters sautan in each of yr shows….

  • roopam tiwari

    yr serials make no sence u always change the topic of yr serials later just hate yr shows u r just spoiling the society my making such a rediculous shows 2 sisters with one man only how disgusting plz chnge yr story otherwise m sure no one is going to wath yr serials the same story ws in kasam se nd in kasauti….do smthng new atleast we r bored of watching the same story bt u hvnt got bored of making the same story……………

  • ERDutta

    Yuckie!!!!!! The TRP will fall if you Ram and Ayesha!!Yuckie

  • Durga Kulkarni

    hey ekta whts this yaar
    let them bth live togethert happily na
    everytime ur style is nt needed we all just love to see ram an priya together
    y u want to seperate them
    if it happens then no one will watch bade acche yaar
    pls pls ekta let any 1 other marry ayesha bt no ram plz or it wud b a flop show like kyu ki an kahani ghar ghar ki
    so plz dn seperate them bth

  • Durga Kulkarni

    ya an if u will seperate them bth i gurantee u the trp will slide down an no 1 will watch it
    keep ur serial with u nly
    dnt take us granted that we will watch anythin
    nw what is happenin is enough
    an its all our viewers decision that if u seperate ram an priya then ur show will ssssllllllllliiiiiiiiidddeeeeeeeeeee

  • shilpa


  • hafsanjum

    Dear Ekta y do u do it always the same twist…. horrible.
    plz do not seperate priya n ram , woh tho is serial ki jaan hain. n moreover ram marrying ayesha to give justice is phir b understood n y will priya marry another?…. this will be the nonsense. just dont do it.

  • reena

    Love Love love between priya and Ram thats what everyone wants to see


    Dear Ekta, i dont think its a good idea to separate Priya and Ram and make Ram marry her sister. The whole charm will go away from the story line.

  • Kash

    Hey keys we don’t want to see khani Ghar Ghar ko & kiyuki saas bhi…. Don’t make serial such a boring & rubbish …we all people want to see ram and priya love…..

  • man in black

    After watching today’s episode… priya is expecting a child w/Ram…pl don’t let him marry to priya’s sister. Another twist is needed here. Her sister should learn her lesson by choosing Sid over her sister. Why Ram has to fix everything???

  • Raj

    If Ram marries Ayesha this serial won’t have any value. Plz don’t change it. Ram is not the only person to marry the Ayesha what about Rishab. he is also available so why can’t Ekta go for him instead of Ram.

  • Sowmya SJ

    plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss dont seperate ram n priya……………….. plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss……… no one wil watch BALH if they get seperated…….. it wil lose its charm

  • munn

    so far ram and pirya relation is ok ,,but again relationship with ram and syesha shows ekta will never change with cheap tic ,such type of serial give wrong message to the society

  • mounika

    please don’t let ram to marry ayesha it will be awkward how can you do this ? it will sense awrong message

  • Humera sharif

    No Ekta dnt do this. Ram and priya both soul of the seriel so plz. Agr tm ny aisa kia to kch to log kahengy or sath nibhana sathiya ki tarha ye seriel b flop floppppppp

  • vaibhaw

    Plzzz ekta dont try ths flop idea…..let the luv stry of ram and priya go smoothly. It wld b vry dissappointin if u brng twst plzzzz dont seprate thm…let thm b wth ech othr

    • aparna

      pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let priya ram meet and come closer again, let the daughter be the mediater, and bring them back…

      let ayesha not be the whamp and ruin the series pls pls pls dont let this happen, otherwise it will be utter crap

  • Shreya Sahu

    No ways ……………..This is too much. Please do not like this.I like Bade aache lagte hain because of Ram & Priya togetherness and their love relationship.

  • samata

    plzzzzzz! ekta ab apni purani serial ki tarah mat karana.ab tumhara ye funda bohat purana ho gaya hai.isi taraha tum twist lati gai toh jald hi tumhari sabhi serial band ho jayegi.b’coz i like BALH.

  • Debanka

    There are many different areas one can explore specially in a serial like BALH!! I plan to stop watching it now!! Dis will again be a kind of dose family dramas!! Ram meeting Priya after a long break nd all!! The expectation to see a mature Love story from Ekta Kapoor seems to be a distant dream!! :(

  • shivani

    gefjn j;l hblm

  • sayani

    everyone expects ram and priya to be together…ekta kapoor should keep it in her mind that a serial can never be interesting if the lead jodi [RAM & PRIYA] are separated for any reason… please think of a story where ram and priya are together…what kind of story will this be if ayesha marries ram??? o god, if this is going to happen then I’m sorry to say that everyone will hate this serial!!! i have already stopped watching this serial which was one of my favorite few months back..

  • nidhi

    Sick Idea…..The core characteristics of Priya and Ram would go to the gallows if its going to be another wedding etc….I guess the serial stood out because of their inherent characters and the serial would not be spoken about in the future if such stupid, typical filmy ideas are presented.

  • nitika

    ekta ji pls aap is serial ki kani me itna ganda twist mat dalo ram or priya ko alag mat karo or ayesha se shadi to bilkul mat karao mene jab se soona ke is seril ki kahani esi hone wali hai tab se seiral dekhne ka man bhi nahi kar raha ram priya ke pyar se hi balh accha lagta in ke is pyar ke bina is seial me koi dam nahi thanx

  • mohd danish

    pls!!!!!ekta don’t do this yaar ram aur priya ko ek saath rehne do

  • mohd danish

    pls!!!!!ekta don’t do this yaar ram aur priya ko ek saath rehne do aur kahani mein unke babies aane do

  • manoj keyal

    Ekta, make ram marry aayesh and turn the serial, its monotonus to see
    Priya and ram, and if possible let priya earn a big fortune in dubai and
    Be a billionaire in fashion designing and let her sister in law natasha work for
    Her company in india and after say 5 years from now priya comes back when ram is about
    60 years of age

  • Deepti

    I too believe that the uniqueness of BALH is the pure and selfless love of Ram and Priya and the cute comedy with romance between them. If they are separated then this uniqueness would no more be seen. So, Ekta if you really want this serial to continue as successfully as it has been till now, do not separate Ram and Priya. And if they get separated then it is understood that Ekta is bored of this serial.

  • priya

    ekta ji plz ram aur priya ko alag mat karna. i have expected a lot from this serial. plz do not disappoint and dont get ram and priya married to other people

  • dipa

    dear ekta mam, i was hvaing a life like this, hb as ram!! and after 10 years of happy life i lost my familly, this serial make me cry every day, as i watch in youtube, but i grip a hope of being together, i love my hb as priya, but he is lost now,walking in wrong way! we didnt devorce yet so i pray every day to get back my life! dont break my hope please it will be painfull to tolarate, i know situation, reality and time demand such conclution of starting back, but heart never be satisfaied.

  • keerthi

    bade acche lagte hain has become “”bade kharab lagte hain”. the serial has taken such a turn where nobody would like to watch anymore if Ram is goin to get married to ayesha.when leading pair are not together, then no point in watching the serial. but the little girl girl is very cute

  • aneeqa

    plz ekta. ayesha ram k sth suit nai kary gi. it will b hurting to see ram with auesha. ram and ram are the best couple in drama

  • aneeqa

    plz don;t separate ram from priya. they r the best couple

    • aisha

      ekta ji plz ram aur priya ko alag mat karna. i have expected a lot from this serial. plz do not disappoint and dont get ram and priya married to other people

  • aisha

    plz don;t separate ram from priya. they r the best couple

  • nancy

    ram shuld remain wid priya………..

  • pooja

    please get ram and priya together very soon.dey both are the best couples and dey r very sweet.

  • sneha

    ram n priya should live together as they are the leading roles and the serial will not be interesting if ram n priya are married again with someone else.

  • manu


  • shahbaz

    hy my swet sy frnd how are you..?
    yar ap boht khubsurt ho ..
    yar dramy wali pehuu apki hi bti hy kia real life ma..?
    yar wo to boht hi achi acting krti hy yar…
    ap ka religen kia hy?

  • Niranjan Rai

    please Ram Kapoor meet priya fastly

  • Tanvi

    Meet them fast if they meet when ram kapoor was 60 then no need to meet them again coz its an injustice with ram coz Priya is with her daughter but ram live alone till his entire life this is not fair ekta pls let meet this time only

  • Tanvi

    If they meet when Ram turns sixty then there is no charm remains in there life ekta we want to see Priya and ram together we r not interested to see there children life please ekta please let them meet as fast as possible other wise the serial trp will come down so pls let them meet pls pls

  • Apurva

    If they meet when Ram turns sixty then there is no charm remains in there life ekta we want to see Priya and ram together we r not interested to see there children life please ekta please let them meet as fast as possible other wise the serial trp will come down so pls let them meet pls pls

    • girija

      Ekta this is the right time for ram and priya, sid and ayesha to unite. If you want to focus of rams children and reunite them at the age of 60s is not correct. You reunite them and see that they get another child and the child be given to rams sister natasha for adoption so that even their life will be happy.

  • neha

    plz ekta we will see ram and piya happily married couple

  • subhu

    Please ekta let RAM AND PRIYA meet.. or else the serial wnt hav the charm and v wan to c the couple together.

  • nupur

    please ekta let Ram and Priya meet and live like a happy married couple. and we did not want to see there childrens life so pl as soon as they meet we love the serial more…..

  • parth

    please ekta let ram & priya meet we want to see the happy couple life we dont want vikram to devose

  • anjum

    Please re-unite Ram,priya, and Pihu. Please keep ayesha out. Not fair to Ram. They are such good couple and their chemistry is so …no words to describe. So please get them back together. So far the show was going good until the leap. Ridiculous. Want to see more romance with them. I LOVE RAM.

  • man in black

    I think vikram is divorcing b’z of that hoody guy met @ the restaurant, who is black mailing them to do that….AM I RIGHT?… BUT MY Q. IS — WHO IS THAT GUY????

    Where is Sid? Please bring him back to be w/Ayesha so she can tell the truth to Ram about Priya. Seems to be prolonging the show for nothing….don’t want anymore drama.

    • girija

      Please make a re entry of sid as a good man realising all his mistakes and understanding the situation why ayesha married ram and re unite ram and priya. please give a reply for this comment

  • Amit sevani

    Itna suspence kis bt ka serial pit jaega 5 sal bd jindgi mili to bhave kha rha hai bkwas story

  • Sita

    The serial is great.i love this verymuch,the chemistry beetwen ram and priya is awesome.when they acting i feel its real,so natural,in serial also dont separate ram and priya.iam so sad to hear that in reality sakshi dont have her man.i think she is the best wife,i praise her so much.