Bade Acche Lagte Hain: What will happen next if Ram Kapoor dies?

Sony TV’s popular show is running out of creative ideas to keep the show running, wethinks

As we told you earlier, Ram Kapoor is set to quit Bade Acche Lagte Hain ‘coz he wants to concentrate on films. But what will happen to the show if Ram is indeed killed off? Will the makers create a new love story for Priya Sharma, or will they show Ram as a distorted spirit who romances his estranged wife and talks to his daughter Pihu?

The latest promo showcases the sudden death of Ram after he jumps in to save Priya’s life by taking the bullet that’s about to hit her. Very dramatic indeed, but we can’t stop wondering what happens next. Without Ram Kapoor, the show will lose its star quality, entertainment value and viewers’ interest. Being ardent followers ourselves, we really hope the makers take an intelligent decision – to end the show!

But we fear that the producers may go in for a whole new idea here. They may show Ram Kapoor as Priya’s imagination. A body double for Ram Kapoor may be difficult to find, but a few extra cushions and pillows can do the trick. After Ram’s death, Rajat Kapur can actually take on the role of playing Priya’s new hubby. Even though they have no chemistry, it may just work. Or the makers can show Ram Kapoor’s ghost coming back to take revenge in someone else’s body. And maybe just maybe he would choose a thin, lean and fit body this time – reduces the effort to exercise, no? The entire show was built around the relationship between Priya and Ram,and without him, will the bereaved wifey now have a relationship with his photograph? We really hope they don’t plan on bringing the character back with a new face…and body, of course. Considering Ekta Kapoor is an expert at plastic surgery, this one is possible.

In the meantime, what will happen to the fat model-second wife Ayesha? Will she squabble with Priya – her sister – for Ram’s mansion and money? Or will she target Rajat and make him her new…err… agenda? All said and done, we think it’s difficult to come out of this tangled web, no matter what bizarre idea the makers of Bade Acche... may choose to do. Don’t you agree?