Bade Acche Lagte Hain: What will Ram Kapoor and Priya be like 20 years from now?

A 20 year leap is the next big thing scheduled for Ekta Kapoor’s popular show – and we wonder to what extent the makers will go to alter things this time…

Bade Acche Lagte Hain’s 20 year leap is not something we are looking forward to – frankly, how much longer do the makers want to extend the show, is all we can think of when we hear stories like this one. We are already feeling diabolically fed up of Ram Kapoor and his wifey Priya’s coochie-coo, cutie-pie romance – imagine if they continue it for another 20 years…OMG!

While we are aware that post the leap the makers will concentrate on Pihu’s life and presumably her love story, we can’t stop wondering what will happen to Ram and Priya. Considering the fact that no one ages in an Ekta Kapoor show – remember Baa in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi? She must have been about 406 years old when she finally died – we know that the duo may have a white streaks artistically painted into their hair, but will still look glamorously young. Here are a few changes that the makers may add to make the show a li’l more fun:

Ram Kapoor: The portly hero will be the father of two adorable kids – Pihu and a son. He will probably take a back seat from his business and pass the baton to Pihu, while he spends more of his time seeing the world with wifey Priya, getting overtly romantic and mushy in public – more than now…ew! Or he will start feeling very old compared to Priya and try to colour his hair jet black to look young and hip.

Priya Kapoor: She could develop Alzheimer’s and not recognise Ram at all. Now that would definitely give the writers some scope to stretch the love story, no? If not, then maybe Priya can open her own alu paratha and chocolate éclair business. Anything to keep her busy and not sermonising all the time!

Pihu Kapoor: Two things could happen with Pihu, figure-atively speaking – either she will become bus-sized or promote size zero. Post the leap, if Pihu remains as chubby as her golu daddy, the story could revolve around her finding her prince charming and the dilemma of losing weight, enough to attract him. However, if she does manage to lose the extra oodles she gained in her childhood eating parathas like Papa, Pihu could be seen taking Daddy dearest along for regular jogging and aerobic sessions.

Ram and Priya’s second child: Unlike Pihu, the younger kid could be spoilt, immature and arrogant. You have to have at least one black sheep in the family, no? And Siddhant is too old to be a contender even when he gets out of jail.

Ayesha Kapoor: Ayesha will probably try to get back to modelling, but when that fails she may resort to posing for cheap brands of sarees or lingerie – but then again this is a family show, so she may just stick to sarees. Or she could find another rich bloke to trap and marry again. ‘Coz we really doubt if Ayesha could survive without money and the luxuries it provides. However, her main objective still remains to teach the Kapoor family a lesson for allegedly ill treating and humiliating her.

Siddhanth Kapoor: Still stuck in jail, he is biding his time to be released and give Ayesha a taste of her own medicine, since she turned him in. However, if Ram’s virtue has any effect on Sid, the dude may just turn good…..naah, there would really be no fun if Sid turns over a new leaf.

Kush Kapoor: Neglected or used as a bargaining chip by his mother and being forgotten – or so he thinks – by Ram Kapoor will definitely not go down too well with Kush. Post the leap, he may just be the brand new baddie; and considering who his parents are, he will be a nasty one! The first target of his displeasure may just be Pihu, his long lost (cousin) sister.

Natasha and Kartik: With Mohit Malhotra out of the picture, Kartik’s character will soon be reprised by a new actor. After 20 years, Natasha and Kartik may not have such a rosy life. While she will go ahead and adopt a child, Kartik will lose interest and hook up with someone else. Let’s hope Nats also finds someone for herself too.

Soumya and Rishab: The non-existent part of the family may continue to live in the background. But somehow we don’t see them making any life altering changes. There may be some children involved, of course.

Vikram and Neha: The bond of friendship continues even after 20 years. Their children have moved on with their lives, but Neha and Vikram still find plenty of reasons to fight and make up regularly.