Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Who will Ekta Kapoor cast as the new Pihu Kapoor?

Who will play Pihu in Bade acche Lagte Hain
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It’s just been a week since Fenil Umrigar began playing the 23-year-old daughter of Ram Kapoor and wife Priya, and we hear that the producers are already looking for a replacement…

Last week, we asked BollywoodLifers what they thought of the new Pihu post the seven year leap and the response was not too impressive. While many thought that Fenil did a decent job, some insisted that her acting wasn’t inspiring. And frankly, we agree!

Fenil Umrigar has been in shows like Saubhagyavati Bhava and Shapath, but her claim to fame is Channel V’s Best Friends Forever. We didn’t think she was the perfect choice to play Pihu in Bade Acche Lagte Hain; but she wasn’t that bad either. A week into the show, we knew she did not work…not for us, at least. We don’t expect the actor to be on par with Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar, her onscreen parents, but there has to be some chemistry, no?

Though not a bad actor, Fenil fell short in comparison to Amrita Mukherjee – the baby Pihu – and Aanchal Munjal, who played the teenaged daughter of Ram And Priya in BALH. Giving the actor the benefit of doubt, we hope she is able to up her performance in the coming week or else…

All said and done, if Fenil is going to be replaced, we came up with a few actors that would fit the Pihu role better. Do you agree? Vote for the actor that you think can play Pihu best…

Amrita Prakash: She is not new to television or movies. Amrita has done films like We are Family and Vivah and has popular shows like Koi Apna Sa, Saat Phere and CID to her credit. Rumours are that Ekta Kapoor has already approached her to play Pihu.

Shritama Mukherjee: The Bong babe began her career with Sony TV’s Dekha Ek Khwaab, post which she did Channel V’s Best Friends Forever with Fenil. Shritama has a cute and baby face that will go well with the character of Pihu. And in the future, if the makers decide to turn Pihu negative, Shritama’s experience as a grey character can take her a long way.

Nia Sharma: The actor who was last seen playing the lead role in Star Plus’ Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai began her career with the daily soap Kali. Nia has the chutzpah that Pihu’s character demands. In fact, her screen presence will be on par with Ram and Sakshi, thus giving the character the importance it demands.

Priyal Gor: There’s a spark in her that gives any character she plays a little extra oomph. She started her career with Ram Milaye Jodi on Zee TV and was last seen in Sony TV’s Dekha Ek Khwaab as a princess. Priyal is a good actor and wethinks she will do justice to the role of Pihu.

Palak Jain: She’s cute, vivacious and someone that young people can connect with. Palak, who is currently doing The Buddy Project on Channel V, is a fairly good actor. We’d like her as Pihu ‘coz she will bring some tadka to the character.

Do vote and tell us who should be Pihu Kapoor on Bade Acche Lagte Hain!

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  • Nik

    Nia sharma

  • jhalak

    Priyal gor should play Peehu she would suit so much since shes so bublyyy

  • anonymous

    Nia sharma

  • Claudette

    Shritama Mukherjee should play the new pihu, because she is very talented and bubbly type of a person. She can play positive as well as negative roles. Therefore I suggest Shritama Mukherjee as our new pihu.

    • sou

      i think shritama is the best choise

  • humera farooq

    i think nia sharma wud b the best in replace of pihu

  • khushi

    nia sharma

  • honey

    Fenil plays a fairly well role of pihu n I think they shud bring out a love track between pihu n sammy.
    Just like in best friends forever, but there shud be a complete love story between them n I think this will attract all the bff fans who must be waiting to see some on screen chemistry of fenil n yuvraj as they had done in best friends forever? But not make it an unsatisfactory ending as in the bff.

  • satheemenon

    hello, ekta you bring any star from films or tv , no one can match sakshis talent amritha ,young baby was good, their chemistry worked. to compensate all new comers,let priya come back and take the job of patrani. every one will forget and forgive you for the diversion of story. instead of priya you would have kept pihu in bed who is the root cause of all the trouble at least now onwards be careful in story. because the show is for prya and ram so dont harm them .



  • sumedha


  • Mimi

    primal gor

  • babaloo

    bring back sakshi.. and this show is awasome now a days.cant see ram missing and crying for his wife..

  • babaloo

    nia sharma

  • fenil umrigar

    she is awesome

  • zeena

    Please bring priya back we in canada love the show but hate wgphat pihu did to priya. Without priya we will all wpqit watching the show as there are so many new shows coming up bu we love ram and priya. The new kush and sammy are a waste of time, stupid acting, make the grow up. Do not make ram get married again or else the show is a gone case for fans in canada. Please change for the better you afe getting worse everyday keeping prita in a coma and planning to get ram married. May be pihu wants him married so priya will not get up and tell the truth about her and varun

  • priyesh singh


  • dreamer

    hey bollywoodlife,
    i really need ur help
    pls if u can reply to me
    PLS DO IT through my e-mail address. ASAP

  • manisha

    Bad pihu….sonia
    not AT ALL good please change her immediately
    And primya to wake up

  • pramod motihar

    Sonia balani is perfact and fit for pihu kapoor roll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • sonu

    if the character is going to turn negative then it should be Shritama Mukherjee else Priyal Gor filts the bill absolutely.

    • priya

      pihu,only for shree from dekha ek khawab,she is brilliant actress of just 19yrs.of age.


    I fill priyal will do the best as pihu as she is like the sweet cute innocent 5 year pihu we all used to adore. but seriously i too was disappointing by the new pihu, she was more of a playgirl than of a decent loyal daughter at least that is what we expected while watching the old pihu.