Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Why are Vikram and Neha getting divorced?

Ram Kapoor’s best friends Vikram (Jai Kalra) and Neha (Tarana Raja) are heading towards splitsville, and we are dying of curiosity to know why

Vikram and Neha Shergill have been the pillars behind Ram Kapoor and Priya’s relationship. Post the leap, we see the Shergill couple talking about getting a divorce for reasons still mysterious. It’s a little over a month now and there still hasn’t been any revelation about the reason behind the rift. Like you, we don’t want to see the duo split. Fingers crossed!

The divorce seems inevitable unless the makers of the show take our pleas into consideration and change the plot. Till then, here’s a few reasons why we think Vikram and Neha want to break up…

# A little birdie told us that Jai Kalra is apparently planning to quit the show. So makers are now devising this as a plot line for his smooth exit. Considering the fact that Jai rose to fame with this role, we don’t think it’s a wise decision at all.

# Vikram had an affair with his boss, and when Neha found out, all hell broke loose. Oh come on… can’t they come up with something a little more creative than infidelity?

# Tired of Neha’s constant doubting nature, Vikram decides to give her a real reason to doubt. Tch tch…Neha, we knew this would happen sooner rather than later.

# The makers are using this as a new plot twist to bring Priya and Ram together. But since Priya did not come face to face with Ram for her own daughter, we doubt Vikram and Neha’s split is really going to move her much.

# Maybe Neha snores really loudly in her sleep and Vikram couldn’t take it any longer. Uhh…on those grounds, we’d opt for a divorce too!

# Vikram has an STD and Neha cannot take the risk of contracting it. Now that would be a new low even for them, no?

# Neha put on some extra inches around her waist, so Vikram gets her a new gym membership. Bugged with him, she decides to call it quits. Absolutely valid and justified!

# It could also be that Neha and Vikram are bored of solving Priya and Ram’s issues in the first season and demanded the writers create some problems between them too. At least this justifies them being on the show now.

All said and done, we sure hope Ram finds out the real reason for his friends splitting up and lets us know before curiosity truly kills us….or our interest in the show.