Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Why didn’t Karthik Sharma die?

Was it ‘coz Ekta Kapoor didn’t want to hear Natasha Kapoor wail any more, or was it ‘coz killing off the character would have left the actor out of work?

The makers of Bade Acche Lagte Hain are misleading the audience and us; and we don’t like it one bit. Initially reports – not the doctor’s – suggested that Karthik Sharma would die after the accidental gunshot and Priya and Ram would split because of it. Chirag Thakker, who is playing Karthik, even confirmed the story to a daily; but now we hear rumours that the character will not be bumped off. Instead, he will be kept in critical care at the hospital.

In the last episode, we saw a blood spattered Karthik lying on the hospital floor while his wife wailed and wept over his ‘dead’ body. But as soon as Priya came on the scene, she noticed that her brother was still alive – of course, no one checked his pulse, right? While everyone thought that the poor pregnant lady was in shock and couldn’t see properly, we noticed Karthik moving and trying to breathe. We yelled in front of our TV sets for the oxygen mask and some attention from the doctors and they finally heard us. So now the dude is in the operation theatre and under observation though in critical condition, and may not survive, the cheerful medico announced – how novel!

So much melodrama over nothing. Wethinks the whole fiasco was a major gimmick by the producers to up the TRP of the show and boy, did it work! There can’t be any other reason really – you will agree, we are sure. It couldn’t be that Chirag was threatening to quit ‘coz he wanted more money. No one bullies Balaji Telefilms – that is Ekta Kapoor – especially if you are a newbie, no! The writers may have wanted to show a lot more rona dhona by killing the character, but seeing the new actor out of a job he recently bagged may have pinched the daily soap queen to show some mercy.

Ah… all said and done, Karthik is not dead. Which means that Natasha will not have to commit fashion faux pas – like that black and white tent she wore when she yowled over the ‘body’ – by wearing dreadful white saris, and Ram and Priya are not going break up just yet…or are they? But that’s another story best left for another day!