Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Ayesha Kapoor break up with Siddhanth Kapoor?

Ram Kapoor’s step-brother Siddhanth’s true colours are slowly coming out into the open, so what will happen when he is exposed?

In the upcoming episodes of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Siddhanth will be exposed in front of the Kapoor ladies – Priya Sharma Kapoor and Ayesha Kapoor. And truth be told, Ayesha will finally discover the real face of Siddhanth, realising that he is simply using her to get hold of Ram’s property and doesn’t really love her. But poor Ayesha was too smitten by her lover and father of her son that she overlooked his real motives and made a real fool of herself. Ouch!

What will Ayesha do now? Will she leave Siddhanth and try and get Ram Kapoor back into her life? Or will she lure Siddhanth into his own web and get sole ownership of Ram’s property? Meanwhile, Priya smells foul play when she suspects Siddhanth is alive and that something is brewing between him and Ayesha. What will Priya’s next move be? Will she be the ever-so-doting and righteous elder sister and save her little sister? Or she will teach both culprits – Ayesha and Siddhanth – a lesson and eventually get the Kapoor mansion and all Ram’s worldly goods back?

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