Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Priya face husband Ram Kapoor?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Priya face husband Ram Kapoor?

The reunion has been stretched out like well-chewed gum and is losing all its flavour

Ram Kapoor and his estranged wife Priya Kapoor meet on their wedding anniversary by accident and the next thing you know, Ram has an ‘attack’… so much for the happy reunion to spice up Bade Acche Lagte Hain! Instead of worrying about her naam ke vaaste husband’s health, fat-hipped model babe Ayesha is in a panic wondering what her financial stand would be if her sister and Ram decided to get back together. Seriously woman, get your priorities right! Then again, that’s exactly how a vamp would think, no?

After a long lecture by Rajat – who is heartbroken that his Pooja is actually Ram’s wife, but seems to be hiding it well, apart from bawling on taijaan’s shoulders – Priya finally agrees to come clean and meet her family. Thank God for that, coz we really can’t imagine another game of hide and seek involving the motley crew that is the Kapoor family. But things don’t go exactly go as planned for Priya. So she uses her adorable daughter Pihu to smooth things out with her family, starting with some beta-naana bonding, as Priya’s father ignores her and makes friends with her daughter instead. And boy, does that work as a charm or what!

In the upcoming week, the makers of this serial will finally focus on the face off between Ram and Priya. Now that’s what we are waiting for! Our over-imaginative minds have been churning out possibilities for the upcoming track. Will Ram finally get rid of – he cannot divorce her, since they were not legally married, since Priya was still alive at the time – Ayesha and go back to Priya? Or will he demand full legal custody of Pihu without Priya involved… now that’s very Mills & Boon-ish, no! Or will Ram decide to now have two wives… eew! Or will he stay married to Ayesha and have a ‘thing’ on the side with Priya?

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  • balasubramanian

    same as ram kapoor’s father did,one will live with him,other will stay away praying for him.niharika and father like son.

  • jyoti

    Now sid should come and tell ayeshathat she shouldleave ram with a condition that she want half of the property so that both of them live happily with khush. After leaving KM sid ayesha mamaji can play a game with ram and priya.But now priya ram and peehu should meet otherwise no one will watch it and it will be a flop shpw

  • Ksax

    Ram should DEFINITELY be back with Priya!! No 2 ways about that. Ram priya and Pehu should be a faily. Ayesha can be given a stipend and asked to leave. anyways all she cares about is the money!! So once she knows she has money she will leave Ram and Priya alone. If ram and Priya are not united the serial will die a very fast death!!

  • Jayz

    I think Ram should get rid of both Priya and Ayesha. Ayesha because she is not Ram’s legal wife anymore, therefore there is no point in divorcing. He should not divorce but rather separate himself from Priya because the whole mess began due to her. What is Priya thinking? She comes back after 20 days since the day she is presumed dead. Obviously the whole family is going to mourn over her.

    • Sa

      I think Ram should dump both sisters and should remarry with a new character, and not share a penny with this sharma khandaan.

      • Vivek

        Awesome idea, introduce Ram’s real life wife Gauthmi and they both must get married , leaving aside Sharma family.

  • emy

    OOOOOOOo God only ram priya should be together no Ayesha any more

  • Neetu Khanna

    First Ram should understand why priya has done all. They have to take some special time to meet and need to clear all the thoughts whatever comes in both of their minds. And then Ram accept her without any hesitation as they both loves each other a lot. Ram should think about himself also,his life will be with priya and pihu only. But I think Priya does not allow him to do all as Ayesha (the stupid lady) is her younger sister. But Ram has to give Priya a chance to stay and live rest of life with him. That’s all I want to say. Ram – all the best and please think hard about priya and pihu also as they should be your first priority in life. Bye Love u both…(Priya and Ram)

  • Alleena

    Ram should die and end the bloody mess.

  • Minni

    If ram and priya are not united ,then there is no meaning for the serial. Atleast for pihu’s sake they both should get united.ayesha should be taught a lesson like niharika.

  • aaliya

    i hope ram and priya together again

  • kim

    Mr Ram Kapoor should now exit as gracefully as is possible for a stout person like him to do it. Like Sony’s KTLK this show had many possibilities but it has dragged on for too long. Too many gimmicks and the leading man has got fatter and .
    fatter, his on screen child is also a picture of grossness and obesity and the peculiar family should now disintigrate and go on sanyas till Ekta Kapoor devises something that is not as yucky as this one. Why didnt the show fold up while it was still fresh and had audience appeal?Please let it end and give Ram Kapoor a chance to shed weigh t. He looks really mountainous and Sakshi equally unattractive. Give us a break, Ekta!

  • frank

    the serial is too boring now. we wanted to see priya & ram together but here the scene is totally different. its just annoying

  • aniket sen

    like this

  • nisha

    plz make ram and priya husband and wife again
    and make aiyesha to marry her lover
    we dnt want any twist again.

  • badiya zubairu

    I love you serial

  • Priyanka mittal

    Ram kapoor must have accepted priya kapoor.
    Because he is legally married with priya.
    And he should tell to aaisha’ our marriage was illegal,so we are not in any relationship.
    I did just because TO GIVE NAME of your & sidharth’s son ‘KHUSH’.then i shall accept khush as my son and i w’ll take care of him as a father,priya will be his mother.

  • suma

    ram & priya are true lovers. we just want to see them togther. pls dont add more twists.
    ekta dont test our patience yaar


    RAM ko priya ko accept karna chahiye

  • revathy

    pl now dont again extend make ram and priya meet and aysha should know her mistake and sidelined then only meaning of the serial will justify

  • Saurabh Aggarwal

    Ram should accept Priya,as they both love other,though they can accept Ayesha’s son.
    Ram should not go with Ayesha.

  • AMIT



    Ram and priya should be again together without ayesha inbetween, TO MAKE THE SERIAL POPULAR AGAIN. aYESHA SHOULD REALISE HER MISTAKE AND SHOULD BE AWAY FROM PRIYA’S LIFE.

  • Iteen

    how predictable.. also human.. but seriously how predictable!! heres what could happen next; Priya, much hurt, but still in love with Ram, and admissive of her mistakes, will decide not to contest a custody battle. She knows anyway, she is not likely to win. Peehu however, used to staying with her mom, will not be able to leave her, or be happy even if she is made to! Ram will not be happy either, seeing that Pihu isnt happy. Angry but unable to forgive, he will still be trying to re-live flash backs and temper down his anger. While, Priya will lose her will to live, think that it was better if she had actually died. Family meant everything to her, now she has none, and will be hated by all those who lived to respect her. That would be too much for her to take so she will either go in depression or try to kill herself! That’s when Ram will get back in the picture.

  • gurjeetkaur

    well.. Now ram nd priya should be together. But aaisa hoga nhi. Ram pihu ka custody case jeet lega .nd priya pihu ko Golu papa ke saath rehne ko mnaa legi. Vahaan jaa kr pihu beemar or udaas ho jaayegi .nd fr pihu’s sake Ram priya ko ghr le aayega. Fir vo hi typical family drama .Ayesha ki insecurities jeaulesy nd mama ji ka shaatir dimaag. Full on drama.uff agr aaisa hua ,,, i will stop watching this show

  • ashish adle

    really very cute family combination $ pihu yar u r so sweet

  • taashi

    First of all, everyone who watched this serial thinking that it would be different from K series of Ekta, then they are highly wrong. Ekta can only make this kind of routine boring serials which are highly predictable. it is very simple, ram and priya will have probs for long time, then probs will get solved. but then getting rid of ayesha wuld be a prob. she wuld somehow get out of the way. till then some new characters wuld come in serial to act as vamp. and so go on and on until TRP reaches ZERO.

  • JIBI K S

    priya should get the custody of Pihu

    • sonu


      • akashakas

        hi priya. how are you?

  • rahul

    ram plz lisning priya

    • kamran

      priya should get the custody of piho

  • Biprajit Choudhury

    Ayesha should go away form priya & ram’s life because she and her boyfriend Sid are the only responsible for all these.

  • Moutushi Acherjee

    priya should give a nice slap to ayesha cz due to ayesha’s wrong statement on court priya has suffered a lot & had to stay away from her whole family. so Ayesha deserves to be punished.

  • soni sharma

    Serial is going in Odd direction, why should vierwe keep waiting, If required kindly let siddharth come back in Aysha’s life and let Ram & Priya meet, but don’t spoil the mood any further. Viewers have stopped watching this serial for some time now.

    Ekta – Pls. take advice and do something positive here in this serial. Viewer only like Ram & Priya

  • monika sharma

    Ram priya ko maaf kar do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • shilpa verma

    Aap dono ki jodi bhaut ache h aur aap dono mere favourite ho plz ram sir serial mat chodo