Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Priya forgive Pihu after she wakes up?

Bade Accha Lagte Hain seven year leap

The show has taken a seven year leap and everyone has either grown up or grown old. Well, doesn’t really look like…

Not too long ago, Bade Acche Lagte Hain had taken an eight year leap and even before we could digest all the chaos that took place, the makers have taken another sever year leap. Before the leap we saw how Pihu (Aanchal Munjal) accused Varun (Rohan Mehra) of raping her to save her skin though in reality she had given him consent to get close.

But Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) manages to catch Pihu’s lies and is shocked when the once obedient girl back answers her and calls her names. However, by the time Priya learns about Pihu’s deceit and tries to rectify it, the boy commits suicide. On her way to the police station, Priya hears this and loses control of the car and meets with an accident. She hits her head landing her in a state of coma for seven years.

Its seven years since the accident, but no one knows the whole truth about the Varun-Pihu incident except Priya. In the meanwhile, Ram Kapoor takes over the duties of being the children’s mom and dad. He brings up his three kids Pihu (Fenil Umrigar), Myrah (Vinti Idlani) and Pari (Pragati Chorasia) with a lot of love and care.

We wonder if things will remain the same once Priya wakes up from her deep sleep. It might, if Priya doesn’t remember what happened the last time she was awake, but if she does, Pihu has a lot to lose. If rumours are to be believed, there’s a major chance that Pihu will turn negative once her mother wakes up. However, it remains to be seen who Ram will support. Keep watching this space to know more about your favourite show.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shona ghosh

    please change pihu.she is not charming she doesn’t suits the role of pihu..and please don’t kil shakshi tanwar.because she is the heart of the show

    • anjali

      we whant pirya back to bade acche lagte hai

  • diksha

    this serial is very borring plz dont kill priya (shakshi tanwar)
    Beacouse Sirial not Good without Priya

  • lina

    hate u pihu…coz of u priya is in this condition….if ram come to know …don no what he will do to u….idiot…silly….young pihu was nice….aanchal munjal was a bloody hell…no idea 4 fenil…

  • nauzer tarachand

    Pls dnt kill sakshi tanwar I bag of u. For god sake keep her alive. Plsssss.its a request to u.

  • sana

    this Drama is over ab is drama main bacha hi kiya hai pata nahi EKTA KAPOOR chahati kiya hai totaly finnishd boring kar diya drama piriya ko maar k

  • Geet

    BALH is a hit only with the presence of Priya, pls do not kill her. Pls give the story a happy ending with Ram and Priya together.
    The two Pihus (teenaged) cannot be compared with the 5-6 year old Pihu at all. Both of them do not suit Pihu’s role.

  • Asha

    Don,t kill Priya Because Priya is the heart Beat Of bade acche Lagte hain. So Pls…………………………………..

  • jakal

    Riya should not die … show wil end if she leaves…

  • aran

    Please dont make pihu play nrgative role. N wake up priya soon from coma.

  • Nandini

    Please don’t kill priya(sakshi tanwar),if she will die in further episodes no one watch Bade Ache Lagte Hai.
    So please we need priya(sakshi) in this serial, otherwise you can finish the serial.

  • Sweety patel

    Plzz Ekta kapoor don’t kill priya kapoor,,,,because we all love bade ache lagte hai with ram kapoor and priya…….we all like to see alive priya …ok

  • Pinky

    Pl don’t kill priya……we watch the show only because of her. If you want to kill the serial go ahead.

  • Satheemenon

    Plsakshi get well soon withoutbyou show is zero we watch the show at least to see you in bed youngsters dance and show seems stupid just for salamis face the show willrun1000 episodes so please come back soon with more energy love you sakshi

  • Satheemenon

    Please get well soon sakshi

  • Devansh

    Ekta wake up Priya from Coma dear …..otherwise Serial rating would go down…….:(

  • divya

    I dont like new pihu. She is more suitable for negative role.

    Dont kill priya, Send Juhi back to her place.

    • Poonam Shah

      Hey Ekta Ji,
      PLease wake up priya,,
      else i will surey stop watching this serial yaaa,,
      plz plz plz wake priya up man plz…..

  • mishka

    please priya come back…………
    i am really missing u………………………….

  • poonam Shah

    Hey Ekta plz plz plz priya ko laaao serial mein,,,,plz plz


    plz ekta priya ko mat maro priya mar jaye ki to serial koi nahi dhekhe ka the serial will become SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO


  • Anu

    Priya should not die if so happens than i will stop watching the show…… Come on priya getup and do something…. Tell everyone the truth about pihu- Varun case…. And plz …… Plz… I want to see ram and priya again with their romantic times…. It’s so good to watch….

  • firdous

    plz… bring priya back in show . and stop the nonsense of juhi and her daughter naina just throw them out…

  • Naadiya

    I like when fenil got the role of pihu but why does she leave? I don’t like the new girl how plays pihu i like fenil as pihu but not the new one

  • Naadiya

    I want back FENIL

  • Mash

    We want priya back in ram life . Can’t imagine Juhui marrying ram . That’s ridiculous. This serials is not worth watching without ram n priya together

  • aishwarya

    Don’t let priya die..charm of this serial will die with her!!! Nd pihu who committed such a big mistake..she should get some punishment..let everyone know wat she really is!!well m a teenager nd I only watch this serial plzzz make it interesting…it is bt still :-)

  • Jannath

    Please kindly back of juhi to ram and priya