Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Priya move to Dubai?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Priya move to Dubai?

The unit of the telly serial shot a schedule in the Gulf state recently, but Mrs Kapoor’s future seems a li’l uncertain. The turning point is expected today. We wonder what will happen next?

Ekta Kapoor’s Bade Acche Lagte Hain is yet to take the announced leap, but the current action sure has its characters and its viewers jumping around giddily.

The story so far: Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar) has been convicted of medical malpractice and sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment. Her husband Ram (Ram Kapoor) can’t believe it and wants to change the situation, but does not have the power to do so. Obviously, since this is a happily ever after soap, she won’t be stuck in jail for too long. Also, the makers have already shown us in the promos that Priya is happily at home with her four-year-old daughter, post the leap. We also know that the unit of BALH has shot a schedule in Dubai recently. But the two and two we know does not add up to the four that we should expect, does it?

We have questions. Will Ram be the only character who goes to the desert country? Will he spend his honeymoon with Priya’s sister Ayesha – now that is another story – there? Does that mean Priya will not go to Dubai? Or will it be the setting for Ram’s grand reunion with Priya? In that case, how does she manage to escape her prison sentence? Even if Ram had the power to break her out of jail, it would be totally against her character sketch for Priya to agree to it. Wait a minute. The vehicle taking her to jail catches fire! Yep, that’s what happens…or so we see in the promos and read in the press releases. Now all we need to wait for is to find out whether the writers will actually show the female protagonist of a daily soap living life on the run. That would make the whole deal far more interesting, don’t you think?Subscribe to me on YouTube



    Nno I donot agree with the current plan to leap frog the story line. It was such a wonderful storyline till now. a quantum leap from the mushy teeny booper stories. But Ekta has spoiled all that… it looks like hara kiri!! whay does ekta do it…
    why do all her serials go against society norms.. why do the characters have to remarry and have babies out of wedlocks!! It is once too many..She should bring this story to a happy ending may be preach in few episodes and then curtains.. go onto some new serial. why do we have to stretch the same story by beating the pulp out of it..

    • sdhamija

      i do not like the leap.lets see how ekta inc trp

      • TATTI

        chal chal bekar kar rahi hai ekta ekta ki maa chod do

    • radhika

      M damn sure..Ekta kapoor will not end this story so soon…
      she will chase this story upto 5-6 years…
      hopeless serial…
      i stopped watchin it :/

  • Srijeev

    Theres no point of talking about ending the story, wen it started it was based on the theme of compatibility and love slowly developing in an arranged marriage. If we are to base on these two factors the whole life of a human being is bound by the stringsof compatibility and love. So a leap was absolutely necessaary to bring about the compatibility and love between the couple, as we all know that ram and priya were married for only nine moths. And nine moths are real less to conclude that a couple is perfect. There comes many ups and downs in their lives and wen they overcome them then they are perfect.. So leap was absolutely necessary and i support Ekta.. Let Bade complete 2000 episodes.. Bade rocks and so do RaYa

  • Nina Shah

    We DO NOT WANT Ram and Priya to separate!! I will stop watching the serial which is my favorite.

    • priyanka

      yep..itni acchi jodi hai un donoki..y shud dey be seprtd..??
      even i hv stopped watching dat serial..:’( :’( :’(

  • Nutan attarde

    Eaktaji apne leap lene ka thanhi liya hei to plz ….
    raya ko jaldise mila do kabse wo dono alag hue hai ab aur kitana tadpaogi aap?

  • kanu


  • Satheemenon

    Ekta you are a sadist you don’t tolerate happy loving couple you spoil Indian culture I think all your friends are with two or more families that is from where you get such foolish ideas stop this nonsense story


    Leap is fine….Plz i do not want the couple to getting re married… whts the use of showing so much love and faith between the couple if they are getting married again to someone else….? let Ayesha Screw the Couple for whatever reason..but plz do not make the couple re marr.

    • wagtail

      Bpatil3 is very correct. Please do not make the couple remarry.And please show more scenes with Ram and Priya even as flashback……

    • wagtail

      Bpatil3 is very correct. Please do not make the couple remarry.And please show more scenes with Ram and Priya even as flashback……like the one as ‘teri shirt da button’song episode.

  • hancy bazaz

    I dont like seperation of Ram & Priya. They must be together.

  • hancy bazaz

    why always you show bad things happen with good people. Why not good thing happen with good people.



  • rupali

    Please dont separate ram nd priya for much time
    I m nt liking dis serial anymore
    Dey should nt b aparted
    They should live 2gether
    Plz hung ram nd priya together



  • laleeta

    i will mish youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • aishwarya

    in 5 years only Ram and Priya’s story has changed . They are playing same song of ‘Kya supercool hai hum ‘ in Dubai promotion party and same song was played & when Priya was shifting from one to another jail She was standing in Dhaba along with Rajat Kapoor ‘s daughter. This is a mistake that in 5 years movie is still being promoted. I am 8 year old and I caught this mistake how can there be such kind of mistake in story.Aishwarya ,Lucknow

    • radhika

      Aishwarya ur right…
      good :)

  • archana

    There is various changes in the serial. But please Ms.Ekta Kapoorji you are able to show anything show Priya, Phiu and Ram’s life together. Why everytime one girl will suffer all the time. Just show good settlement in the story.

  • akash sansanwal

    bade ache lagta hu main aur, aur tum

  • Aarushe

    i hate Ayesha a lot

  • Saurav

    ye serial week me 5 day’s kar dijeya na plz… mon to fri day tak plz plz plz plz……

  • mrdushantgupta

    hi mrdushant iscoming isdubaiprojat ismodel meetingonteng
    is dushant flit

    • mr dushant gupta

      hi hello wats up how are you watyoudoing