Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Rajat finally woo Priya?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Rajat finally woo Priya?

We’ve lost all hope of Ram Kapoor and Priya ever coming face to face any time in the near future in Bade Acche Lagte Hain. It seems Ekta Kapoor is keener on getting Rajat and Priya close… Fine, so be it!

Ram Kapoor has been giving Rajat Kapur tips to get into Priya’s good books. So far, everything seems futile and hasn’t really paved the way for Rajat to slide into Priya’s heart.So we’ve taken the matter into our own hands. We’ve dug out our dating guidebook to give Rajat some effective tips on ‘how to woo Priya’. We hope the Queen of Soaps is taking pointers….

Statutory Warning: No advice given in the write up below is fullproof. Do not sue us if these do not work. Follow at your own risk.

# Kinda clichéd, but for starters, Rajat can send Priya flowers… provided she’s not allergic to them, and roses are a big no-no.

# On the pretense of buying books, Rajat can visit Priya’s bookshop every day. This will not only help her financially, but will also give him the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Considering he is so rich, we are sure he can afford to start reading…or pretend to.

# Rajat can take Priya out for a show. We would have opted for a belly dance performance, but Priya may not exactly be into it.

#The way to Priya’s heart is obviously through Peehu. Guess Rajat will have to give up his diet food and gobble more aloo parathas with the kid.

#Rajat aka Anjaan can write another book on love and address it to ‘Woh Bookshopwali Ladki’.

# Rajat can get Priya drunk (remember how Ram did it?) and they can spend a romantic night together. If it works, Ekta Kapoor can have another bedroom scene to send TRPs soaring high. And another baby…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Joshi

    I ll personally kill Ekta if priya falls for Rajat. Just an expression. Rajat can make n be friends with priya nothing more he can
    Imagine all sorts of romantic stuff in his head but not in reality coz If that happens then there is no meaning for the title balh. Ekta do what ever crap u want but viewers/fans r not ready to see priya or ram with any one else ok. Remember this is not like any of other soaps so pla mess/screw this one plzzzzz. Rajat can make friends with pihu or write another book for priya which r good ways to impress priya but Getting her into his arms not going to happen n not ready to see that remember that for good. Ram is for priya— priya is just for ram.

    • ritesh kumar

      plz plz ram or priya ko mil wa do kyun ki serial dono ke sath hi acha lagta hai………….. kyun ki ram khush bhi ho jayga ki pihu uski beti hai…………n plz in do no mil wa do…….

  • vibhuti agarwal

    let ram meet priya as early as possible…..if dis dont happen within 3-4 episodes i l surly gona stp watching this serial n wl also guide my frnds n relatives for d same

  • Manjeet Gill

    I have stopped watching this serial now, because Ekta kapoor thinks that viewers are stupid, She is not showing Ram and priya together, They are the main essence of the story and she is dragging and making some stupid twists in the story.

  • Shadab shaikh

    I think if now bade acche lagte hai is playing so borring becuse ram at least 10 times meet to pihuu ( no dought she is so quite ) & lovely we have no how much sens pihuu ram see pihuu why he didnt think that whenever he didnt meet her mom he didnt go ???????? Then what u think & reply


  • anjali mishra

    i think it is the best of the best serial of the world.

  • anil sahu


  • Krishna

    I have stopped watching this serial now, because Ekta kapoor thinks that viewers are stupid, She is not showing Ram and priya together, They are the main essence of the story and she is dragging and making some stupid twists in the story.

  • Krishna

    I must say….Ekta ne puri serial ki vaat laga di hai…. ye serail abhi no.1 ban sakti thi …bt aage ki story agar aisi hai toh ….l surly gona stp watching this serial …. :( :(

    please Ekta Kapoor sab ki maa… please change the story of Bade ache lagte hai….i request u plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • neha

      ekta plzzz change the story of balh…ram again married to priya somthing like that…because ram and priya alwals made for each other..

  • satheemenon

    hello viewers what is wrong in falling love with rajat. when ram can marry daughter like sister why cant priya marry an eligible bachelor for her kids sake that is life time wont wait for any one when ram betrayed priya for whatever be the reason priya is also for a second life more over rajat and priya makes very nice jodi he is more devoted than ram for ram priya was last option for his family where as rajat is still loyal to the girl whom he loved but betrayed him so he deserves a loving wife like priya let ram lead his life fulfilling all his duties and eating aloo ka portha

    • rohit

      go to hell…u crap….i think you do not watch the serial regularly…so just leave it….

  • ajay

    Ri lark me

  • needashah

    Y serial sirf Peehu k wajah s achhha chal rha hai.

  • pawan agarwal

    plz ram priya ko milao kunki is searil ko na to ayesha neha vikram daija kd rajat nahi chala sakta hai so i say plz meet ram priya peehu to ye searial cahl sake yeh mera sabse fevri.searial hai plz jai shree balaji salaser wale

  • shona

    If this serial is going to continue the way it is then I am sorry to say that a lot of viewers will drop outa this. The gist of the story is Ram and Priya so please do not deviate from this this. Rajat ia naother story ….you cant break this poor guys heart again. He is a strong character in it self so you cant have 2 Rams in this. You just have to come up with another love interest for him not Priya. Priya, Ram and peehu have to meet so please, please, please,please come up wsith a awesome twist to bring them all together and then see how this Serial takes off.

    • Fatmah

      Why asking for something that will never happen. Ekta doesnt care about her viewers………. this will carry on for another 10 yrs then Ram and Priya will meet each other……….. foof SO BORING WE SHOULD ALL STOP WATCHING THE SHOW THEN EKTA WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. SHE IS MAD KEEPS ON GIVING US DEPRESSION BY WATCHING THESE KIND OF SHOWS. I HAVE STOPPED WATCHING THE SHOW FROM LAST WEEK NO POINT……… WASTE OF TIME BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • mallari

    so far so good even rajat priya story iscoool bt very soon ram priya shouldbe together wit peehu

  • akash dutta

    i love this show we never miss this show and i am waiting for that moment when finaaly ram and priya meets and pihu is so cute baby and our rockstar

  • umesh

    pl take urgent step to mingle two soul of the serial RAM+PRIYA if you surely want some increase in TRP otherwise U knoe better

  • seema

    plz Ram Aur Priya ko mila do kyno ki wahi dono to is serial ki jaan hai agar aap un dono ko hi alag karoge to is serial me dekhane ke liye kya bachega. Jab ram dubai gaya tha tabhi sabhi ko laga ki aap unhe mila doge isliye to us waqt is ki TRP badhi thi.

  • Abseer

    my wish is to see ram kapoor and priya ram kapoor should be together because after seeing this serial i am in love with some one so please keep then together again in serial that me and my girl friends wish

  • bhhgfnvfjb

    wat a vahiaat serial can anybody tell me how can ayesha be rams wife as priya is live can u just stop this nonsense and another thing it is a v.big headache to watch it after many days i hv seen it and i hv to take medicine and wats that “ab tum meri nafrat dekhogi ” wats that i think a rubbish and nthing else

  • nhdeyujoo

    vahiaat vahiaat vahiaat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pooja

    serial is become crap and discussting.please get ram and priya together along with their daughter piyhu.they are ment for eachother.

  • anvi

    what nuisance is being going on this serial dont know….its jst no more any worth watching now

  • sagar masekar

    The seriel is nice so far but the, change in Ram Kapoor for her heartly loving wife Priya is not aspected. as a viewer it is requested if u want to continue the seriel, in a good form dont ever break Ram & Priya or it would b a floop serial , like other seriels who take flight & get down soon.

  • swarnalata Sahoo

    I love Bade Acche Lagte Hain very very much .This show is my Fevorite one .I love Ram & Priya very Much .I donot want to miss a single episode of this show I love it .