Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor resolve their latest fight?

Priya Kapoor’s brother Karthik has revealed his double life, courtesy sister Ayesha’s dirty tricks. What happens next?

It is back to rona dhona and lots of drama in the Kapoor khandaan. Last night had us wavering between the giggles and a gasp or four, as secrets came racing out of people’s lives. Karthik Sharma was unveiled as Jhanvi’s lover and father of her bastard son. The villain of this piece, Ayesha, does her usual evil grin thing and a little more plotting with the ever irritating mamaji. Karthik’s wife, Ram Kapoor’s sister Natasha, in shock, changes into her bad girl out on the town clothes and takes off to party, leaving mangalsutra and virtuous bahu avatar behind.

Ram heaves and huffs his ire, siding with his sister and not even seeing his wife Priya’s emotional and physical distress. And Priya, pregnant and trying to support an aching back, does a lovely little faint, causing all the women of the family to gather twittering like bemused birds around her. When Ram comes back into the room, he is quivering with rage – and there is plenty to quiver where he is concerned – and says things that, who knows, he could regret later on when he is calmer. Priya and he were married as a kind of conditional arrangement when Natasha married Karthik because she was pregnant, remember?

So to add to all this drama and to try and sort out our rather confused minds after this jhamela, we started wondering what would happen next. Will Natasha come home stinking drunk and with a toyboy in tow? Will Priya’s back pain be nothing but a strained muscle and not a threatened miscarriage, which we can sense will feature at some point? Will Ram make up with his wife and be able to erase his words in her mind with a little coochie-coo? Will Karthik sort out his marital vs extra-marital mess and bring peace back into the family? And will Ayesha finally stop twisting her mouth nastily and do some yoga or something so that she is less inclined to poke her shapely nose into other people’s lives?

Do you have a clue about any of this? If so, do tell us!